Speed and Red Light Infringement detection and GUI add-ons

As always, following feedback from our partners, new features and functionalities were introduced in Metrici as a result of on-site projects surveys.

The LPR module has two upgrades. First, Red Light Infringement was added to the interface as well in the detection engines after a special training of Metrici AI. This meant to recognize and alert when a driver runs a red light.

This feature usually works with companion camera, where a detection window can be set where a traffic light is present and Metrici will detect and permanently knows when there is red light or green light.

First introduction - Red light detection

The information is continuously sent to the LPR engine which will be aware of the color of the traffic light for each frame and each reading. On it’s turn, the LPR engine will also have a detection window where a car should not suppose to be when red light: eg: after the traffic light, middle of the intersection or any other scenario.

When a LPR reading is done and the LPR engine knows is red light, an event will be saved in database with a special mark for “red light infringement”, which has a special column in the Interface and the events can be filtered to see only the ones which were detected on a red light.

The two photos will be saved together in the database – the LPR reading as well as the broad image with the traffic light and the vehicle.

Yet another improvement - Speed filter in the Metrici Interface menu

Secondly, SPEED recording has now a separate and dedicated column in the Interface. In this way, the speed data can also be filtered and seen in the interface. Also, the events can be filtered by a minimum or a maximum speed, if one wants to.

The speed is registered automatically using Metrici Observer Radar, a in-house produced Doppler radar integrated with Metrici detection and recognition engines.

How it works?

Usually, such safety radars and speed “cameras” are installed to detect and photograph vehicles that enter the intersection after the signal has changed to red, or that exceed the speed limit.

It is a deterring tool to convince drivers to obey the law.

Based on the experience of multiple countries, this type of installations appear to generate a worthwhile improvement in driver behaviour.

Regarding the new Metrici Interface menus and engines features, they will be part of LPR Plus module, which also is the one which divides vehicle detections in 8 classes- motorbike, car, van, bus, SUV/pickup, truck, tram, industrial machine.

Some data are included for each infringement event:

  • Site location and camera (also GPS reading can be done)
  • Date of infringement
  • Time of infringement
  • Infringement type (disobey red light, speeding, or both)
  • Speed limit at site
  • Speed of infringing vehicle
  • Direction of movement

Any of these violations can also be shown to the driver the moment they occur using Metrici LED Display which gets the info from Metrici database. This can show the data using the detected number plate and the offense: red light pass or speed over limit.


Installing signs indicating that an intersection or crossing is being monitored for red light running violations or speeding violations would be expected to reduce the frequency of red light running and illegal speeds.

Studies show that it is clear that the number of drivers disobeying a red light or exceeding the speed limit will decline after the installation of a camera and warning signs.

As the drivers become aware of safety cameras red light running and speeding rates decrease .

The more severe consequences of being caught at a higher level of speeding may also play a role.

Usually, the so-called safety cameras should be installed at intersections that are identified as having a high crash risk, either through a known crash history or the potential for serious crashes or around sensitive areas: schools, crosswalks etc.