Metrici LED Display

Metrici LED Display is a special hardware solution developed by Metrici for a better and practical integration with parking, residential, city or industrial installations.

The system can display the free spaces of a parking or any other information wanted by the beneficiary extracted from the Metrici LPR Web Interface, for example number of cars, statistics, or the weight of a car if integrated with a weight station, as well as the speed of a vehicle, if it is linked to Metrici Observer Radar.

Metrici LED Display can have many dimensions, suitable for every need. The products have an aluminium case and are special designed to be used outdoors. Thus, they are built from industrial components that stands in temperatures ranging from -20 to +50. The led modules are covered in a water resistant coat. Also, the leds have a lifetime of over 100.000 hours.

Metrici LED Display has a IP67 certificate - resistant to dust and water. For now, Metrici offers 6 different products for this display: from 8 characters to 1 single row to 16 characters on two rows. All the technical details can be seen in the datasheet.

Metrici LED Display could also be used as a Radar Sign to alert the drivers on public roads about their actual speed and is very effective in determining the offenders to slow down.