Toll Station Module is an add-on to Metrici LPR basic interface. As the name suggests, it is specially designed for tolling stations, or ferry crossing.

This comes with extra-features for an administrator to better use its tools. The module not only applies for road tolling. In fact, Metrici solution is used as such at a ferry crossing over the Danube.


Metrici LPR Toll Module has some dedicated features


The administrator can define an unlimited number of tariffs for different vehicle categories


Free access for the vehicles in the special lists, with automatic barrier opening


Each user has its own administration rights or limitations as set by the administrator


Integration with as many cash registers


An user can issue a receipt directly from the interface


Allows defining an expiration date for the receipt/ for the tax


Unlimited number of users on same interface/ same machine/ location


The event is logged in database


With payments by groups, category, total etc.


In case of toll stations, there are some other features that are included in the basic platform that could also help administrate such a business.

  • NO LIMIT for number of license plates in the same frame.
  • FREE FLOW OR EXTERNAL TRIGGER OPERATION Metrici engine tries to detect plate numbers continuously in every frame or if it receives an external command
  • OVER 45 STATES Recognizes origin country/syntax for all European states, Israel, Iordania, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Peru, Tanzania and more
  • DIRECTION It can detect the direction of movement for a vehicle. A must for the parking applications
  • DETECTION WINDOW Each IP camera can have its own detection window, for the system to reach and identify license plates only in that area. It can reduce the false positive reading. It also reduces needed processing power
  • COMPANION Each LPR camera can have a companion camera, meaning an ambient image to be saved in database along with the detection image.
  • RADAR Each camera can be connected with a radar and the speed of the vehicle will be saved along the photo witness from the moment of LPR detection.
  • INTEGRATION with third party systems, software or hardware: barriers, traffic lights, LED signs, LED displays etc.
  • COMMUNICATION It can send recognized license plate and additional info to an external system, through POST method.
  • MULTI-USERS It can support many users, each one with its own login and passwords account.
  • MULTI TASKING One can define in the interface as many locations and cameras as it wants.
  • ALERTS Each detection of a license plate in the lists can initiate an alarm.
  • SEARCH FILTER A user can search a number plate in database with a complete formula or with partial number. Search filter by location, country, camera etc.
  • LOG FILES The system records all the users activity . It also records all its activity about detections and communication.
  • GROUP More number plates in the lists can be grouped for specific actions.
  • EXPORT The reports, statistics, all lists or searches can be exported in XLS or PDF formats.
  • CALCULATION Metrici calculates time between two consecutive detection for each license plate : eg. time spent inside, time on track, last events in the current day, week, month etc.
  • ONE INTERFACE for a sever, no matter how many cameras and locations are managed. Permanent training for LPR or any other request
  • CAR FLOW A list of detected cars with 2 options: “cars in the action list” or “ cars not in the action list


Separated add-on LPR based modules for Toll stations, Weighing stations, Parking management, each one with more features add to the basic interface.

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