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We are a company on constant evolution. For this purpose we do not limit ourselves at providing software solutions, but also hardware components for best results.

Metrici LPR

The software solution at the base of many applications - parking management, toll stations, weighing stations, enforcement and traffic management.

Metrici PPD

Metrici PPD is an AI detection engine and interface designed for managing parking lots and its spaces with just the help of IP cameras

Metrici Custom AI

Anything the human eye can see, Metrici can do it too. AI training so that it can recognize any kind of object in real time in a video stream.


Metrici Area Counter

Dedicated AI training to count any object in an area: cars, people, boxes, products etc.

Metrici Line Counter

See, detect, recognize and count any object that crosses a virtual gate-retail, traffic, production etc

Metrici QR Reader

QR code reader usefull in control access scenarios, production or transport

Metrici Observer Radar

As a request from our partners, Metrici LPR developed an in-house speed radar to be used with the best results with the software.

Metrici LED Display

Metrici LED Display is a special hardware solution created by Metrici for a better and practical integration with parking, residential, city or industrial installations where LED signs are usefull.


Metrici LAN controller it's a hardware device with web interface, which can send triggers from up to 4 inductive loops, open up to 4 barriers and also has RS-232 and RS-485 serial interfaces.

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Vlad Georgescu

Vlad has a 15+ year-experience in IT entrepreneurship and a 20+ year-experience in programming, system administration and linux. He is the technological brain of Metrici, but now is engaged into the role of coordinating the entire business line.

Vlad Georgescu
Adrian Pana

Adrian has over 20 years of experince into the field of IT systems administration and technical support. He is coordinating the building of Metrici's hardware systems and also the technical support department.

Adrian Pana
Technical Support Manager
Dragos Iancu

Dragos has a 10+ year experience in php, java and html programming. He is coordinating the software development of Metrici's applications for Parking, Tooling, Industrial Weighing and City Surveillance.

Dragos Iancu
Software Development Manager
Silviu Buica

Silviu has a 15+ years of experience in video postprocessing, marketing and public relations. Now, he is one of the main voices of Metrici, coordinating its market presence and public image.

Silviu Buica
Marketing and Communication Manager

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