Metrici LAN Controller

The experience taught Metrici to permanently adapt to the market demands. The so many integrations and machines to command required an intelligent device. In this way Metrici introduced the LAN controller on the market.

This controller is based on Barix Barionet 50, but has a special firmware developed by Metrici's team. In this way, it can be connected directly to Metrici servers to send triggers from up to 4 inductive loops and to command the opening for up to 4 barriers. Also, it can be connected to an industrial truck scale over RS-232 interface, to send measured weights to Metrici LPR engines.

Metrici LAN controller is now used in many locations where the Metrici LPR system is installed. Together with the software, it provides a versatile solution for the user. It is also at the core of other Metrici's products, like the Observer Radar or the LED display.

Metrici LAN controller is a modular component that operates either stand-alone or with other units, web servers and control systems, thus capable of building large, intelligent, distributed systems for a wide variety of commercial control, monitoring, or automation applications.

At your request, Metrici's team can develop a customized firmware for the LAN controller, containing functionalities that can fit your particular project.