Metrici Server Systems

We belive that it is vital to be able to provide not just parts, but a whole, not bits and pieces, but a working machine.

It is important for us to have an integrated approach. Thus the need for hardware products.

Our businesses requires us to be always responsive, to have everything running smoothly, to control and monitor the systems anywhere, anytime.

Our hardware solutions come to fill this need of smooth operations, to control and monitor without delay or discontinuity. All of these so that we provide clients with the best possible service. On top of that the systems are built to cater to every need a client might have regarding processing power, speed and reliability.

As Metrici servers offer is constantly changing and is on a permanent evolution as the whole hi-tech world, please consult our offer and recommendation for every project.

Keep in mind that for example, the Parking Place Detector solution requires a GPU, while is not that mandatory for Metrici LPR engines.

Taking into account the fact that every project is different, the number of cameras and detection engines a server can carry depends so much about the traffic load (number of events), number of cars for PPD, how many cameras are used for LPR, how many for PPD, besides the processing power of the unit.

Many users choose a server based on their previous experience or based on no experience at all and settle for whatever configuration. Please be aware that Metrici is an artificial deep neuronal network, also known as AI, and the power resources are significant and can vary so much.

There is no single, universal rule for selecting the best option, but Metrici experienced team can help you in every project, no matter the size. As a rule newer is better as processors keep getting more efficient and powerful with each yearly upgrade.

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