METRICI PPD is the latest software development for managing a parking lot with just the help of IP cameras.

Parking Place Detector is a new detection engine from Metrici meant to help in administer a parking lot no matter what type: open, underground, multistory, residential, malls, industrial and especially street parkings where there is no other viable solution to count and know the status of parking spaces.


You just set an imaginary button on live view video stream in Metrici Control Panel where a parking place is suppose to be and save it. That’s it! You do it just once, at the installation, after which you enjoy the benefits of Metrici Web Interface with events database, alarms, reports, statistics, prognosis etc.

Metrici recognizes for you the cars in a video stream, detects if a parking place is busy or free and reports this to a complex but easy to use interface.


  • PROFITABILLITY – Just 1 camera to monitor dozens of parking spaces and know their status: free or busy
  • CLOUD - Group more cameras to manage hundreds or thousands of places in a parking lot or an entire city
  • DETAILS - Calcul and display for total number of free/busy places for each camera, group, story, section or for the entire location
  • EASY INSTALLATION – No wires, no sensors, no electricity. In most cases you can use the existing infrastructure to monitor the places
  • DIFFERENT USERS - Set as many users as you want each one with his own administration rights
  • EASY MANAGEMENT– Keeps track of free/busy places. Set alarms, view reports, group places even if not viewed by the same camera
  • STATISTICS – See how the parking performs over time. Generate and export reports
  • SPOT ON- Real time caculation with the load percentage and changes in your parking


As usual you can trust Metrici Parking Place Detector comes with the well known accurate recognition and precision


The administrator can see reports and statistics about the occupancy level on days, weeks, for groups or zones


BUSY or FREE PLACE status by analyzing the video stream: in any given moment, you see the status of every single place you monitor


Alarms when the parking is full, almost full, a place is free/busy for more than x minutes, a reserved parking place was occupied etc.


Guidance to a free parking place results in reduced parking time. A driver can be guided quickly and easily to an available parking place


An administrator can easily manage his parking lot, or locations around the city from same interface. Use database to grow your business


Whether you talk abvout hardware systems, third party software, or mobile applications, the integration is at hand


The system is fully automated and there’s really not much to do after installing. It requires limited personnel and no maintanance


Metrici performs AI training for improved performances on a daily basis. You can trust Metrici PPD comes with the well known accurate recognition and precision


Do you need special features that are not natively included in Metrici software? Our team can fix that right away.


Parking Place Detector is the solution to use when you want a reliable, cost efficient tool to monitor and know the status of every single spot of a parking lot or a smart city

  • SMART CITY TOOL- Metrici PPD is the first choice for big projects such as smart cities run from a command center
  • BEST AI TRAINING - Metrici outperforms any other solution in detection and recognition, even in the toughest conditions
  • ACCURATE- Detailed info and recordings even when the car is not entirely visible
  • DETAILED OPERATIONS - A manager knows every single change in the parking lot. Events database with photo and time stamps
  • STRATEGIC PLANNER- Integrate mobile apps, install traffic lights or light signs to indicate the drivers where a place is available
  • MANAGEMENT TOOL - Not just instantly know the status of every parking space, but also info about how much time was busy/free, how often changes status etc.
  • SUPPORT- Metrici team will give support not only in installation and operation, but for other integrations too with any hardware, software, third party party management solutions


Even from the worlwide trial installations, Metrici proved its qualities

  • BEST RESOURCE Metrici PPD is a real help as it offers a satisfying experience for administrators and clients, easing their work
  • PROGNOSIS TOOL The software can tell you when, where and how long your parking lot/city or a zone is loaded and how much. You can use these data to make changes and adjustments
  • EFFICIENT Metrici PPD is right now the most efficient, the most cost effective, the easiest to apply solution for parking lots or for cities, even when, and especially when the conditions are tough for any other solution
  • METRICI PACKAGE Metrici PPD comes natively fully integrated with the other software and hardware Metrici solutions
  • USER FRIENDLY Metrici PPD has a new Web interface, designed to match the advanced and complex developments of video analytics
  • APPLICATIONS The current Metrici software applies to all kind of businesses and parkings, whether big or small, residential, offices, companies or cities