New Software: Area Counter Module

Metrici is launching Area Counter, a new software module and detection engine, a prove of company’s deep understanting and continuous development of Artificial Intelligence based products.

Metrici Area Counter will join company’s actual software offer: Metrici License Plate Recognition with its modules ( Weighing, Toll Station and Parking), Metrici Container Code Recognition, as well as Parking Place Detector.

For the first edition of Area Counter, Metrici is introducing two types of detection choices: persons and vehicles.

A user selects a zone or an entire image in a video stream and chooses which type of detection wants Metrici to perform there.

Anytime the number for that kind of objects changes in that area, an event is saved in database with photo witness record and other data that can be later filtered in the interface. You can use it as a security feature with alarms for when an object appears or disappears in that monitored area or as a management tool for parking, traffic, sidewalks, queues management in retail or institutions or as PPD feature.

Hence the multiple choices for using the new detection engine and the interface.

For each detection zone or entire image, if he chooses, a user can set a number limit of objects that can fit in, alarms or just keep records of events. As usual, all data of detections and status changing in the detection zones are accessible in Metrici Interface, with the well known reports and statistics.

When defining a number limit for a zone, a user can establish which maximum number of objects in an area to trigger a virtual alarm or an other external hardware when that limit is reached or near to be reached, or when a certain definable number or line is crossed.

The tradition is kept, so the settings in Metrici Interface are always very versatile and this engine and data can be interconnected with other Metrici engines and is accessible in the same Metrici Web Interface.

As such, Area Counter is a flexible solution that is to be used in multiple scenarios.

Area Counter for human detection can be used for securing an area and creating an alarm when a person or more are entering or are staying in a certain perimeter.

This can be a plus for securing airports, subway stations, public stations, factories, production units or any environment where no man is supposed to be or their number must be limited.

Also can be used in city management, as a tool for changing traffic lights when more people are expecting to cross a road for example.

Another scenario for using Area Counter is the service industry. A shopping mall could use the Metrici solution to find what are the hot spots of their business or where are the places where the people gather the most. Also, a supermarket could use this as a tool for finding what which are the most visited stands or to open a new cash line when people are in a queue. One can also see how many people go in and out of which entrance during the day or how many take the stairs.

A user can easily change the type of objects it wants to detect. From Metrici Control Panel you can switch between people and cars detection whenever you want. And as Metrici is continuously developing its detection engines, in the future, the number of choices will grow even more.

Regarding the vehicles detection and data using, the possibilities are as many as for the human detection, at least.

In a first scenario, it can be used as a tool for managing a parking lot and integrated with Parking Place Detector. You can set an area on a live image and define how many vehicles can be parked there.

Also, it can be used as a traffic management tool for cities to determine how many cars are at a traffic stop for example. It can be used as well as an alarm for vehicles parked in a forbidden zone.

In our actual social environment with SARS-CoV-2 and Covid 19 threating society, when authorities are often imposing social distancing and advice avoiding crowded places, Metrici Area Counter becomes a necessity for enforcing those rules and alerting when people are not respecting the regulations. For example, when more than three people are in a defined area, an alert can be issued, be it virtual (e-mail, SMS) or activate an external hardware.

“Although this engine is in testing for a while now, it couldn’t be any more suitable moment to launch it and present it. The companies and authorities were waiting for a solution that could meet their demand regarding security and management. What makes this project special is not only the fact that it can be used as such in actual time, but it is also a tool for future developments and implementations”, Vlad Georgescu, Metrici CEO, explained.

Metrici is contuining to develop its line of products, as it is a pioneer in deep neuronal networks and Artificial Intelligence in Romania and one of the main players on international markets regarding license plate recognition, object detection, managament solution based on AI technologies.

Area Counter provides the reports and statics that enables users to better understand their operations and maximise potential revenue. Also by counting and reporting the number of people or vehicles in a specific area, administrators can better understand and manage their way and find ways for and opportunities for improvement. Combining traffic data, be it persons or vehicles, you find the the methodology to increase customer service during key selling periods, reduce costs and increase effectiveness of security or commerce measures.