Development: Full software automation for weighing stations

Metrici Weighing Module was developed with some new features meant to automate the weighing procedures for industrial applications.

As the initial module depended on some hardware installation, now the need for these is no longer present. Metrici is basing its integration entirely on the capabilities to recognize any kind of objects in a video stream and on its AI knowledge.

Initially, the weight of a truck was synchronized in Metrici database with the license plate when receiving trigger from external sensors, such as lasers for example. Following requests from clients, new features were added, such as allowing access only to vehicles on whitelists. Also, Metrici introduced a system to check and compare the weight from the entry and the one from the leaving to see that are no deviation from a certain percentage.

So, now, a new add-on was recently developed, as Metrici does now all the job and no hardware is necessary but optional for full automation of a weighing process.

Shortly, Metrici recognizes a vehicle approaching the location, grants access in the location and on the weighing station, knows when the vehicle is on the station, knows when it is properly situated, records the weight when is stable, makes a license plate reading, takes alternative photos and records all data in database. Also, allows vehicle to leave when is all done.

The solution is based on Metrici software– Metrici License Plate Recognition and Metrici Parking Place Detector modules working together to deliver the best results.

Adapted and suited for industrial parks, factories, production facilities, storage units, transportation companies. The integration can be made with any type of industrial weighing scale with a special developed firmware and with any other external systems or management software.

Also, the system can be used as a access control tool.

You can read more about the solution and the implementation.