Metrici helps a big transport company make a better business

Transport company Vio Trans chose Metrici as a tool to secure the parking and manage its large fleet.

Vio Trans operates a fleet of around 100 vehicles of its own or partners. The location incudes administrative buildings, an auto service and the parking.

The client wanted Metrici not only to secure the entrance, but also to have a better way to manage such a large fleet. It has a database with how long a car is staying in the parking or on the road, how many events it recorded, etc.

SC Security is the integrator who initiated the project in Dambovita County

The need for efficient logistics systems continue to increase and many traditionally functioning businesses grow and inevitably incur increasing volume.

The aim of Metrici in collaboration with Vio Trans is to optimize the work: route planning and vehicle space usage, to explore new transportation methods and to improve safety

Vio Trans can focus on making the most of the vehicle trips, reducing empty transport journeys and constantly reviewing distribution networks, including improving route planning for the vehicles.

Vio Trans Group realized that transport is connected to storage and picking and decided to offer integrated services for its clients, thus it needed a solution to keep track of all the vehicles movements. Metrici was the obvious choice and the system was integrated.