A new upgrade hits the market: 3.7 version

AI based Metrici powerful software sets a new standard

The architects from Metrici developed a new version of the software, reaching version 3.7 in less than a year from the previous one.

In fact, as soon as the previous edition was released, they already started working tirelessly on this one and remain true to their promise to permanently improve and grow the software.

As used to, this release brings new features on every scale of the software. If you ever think of what drives the engineers from Metrici develop and deliver such powerful solutions, you should know it's always the communication between partners and company and the feedback from clients that determines them to give the best product every time. This time is no exception.

In fact, Metrici knows what the users want and it delivers, as for the loyal customers and partners, the latest features are an answer to their needs.

As always, the new version comes with improvements on multiple layers: from detection engines, to Interface and communication parameters.

You will find in the new version:

  • Settings for LPR have changed, adding one more possibility, as a user has now the chance to keep the events for the actions list plates even if he decides to delete the other number plates after a certain number of days
  • Speed improvement when search is done or at displaying various lists, as a cache feature was implemented to make the displaying faster
  • LPR reports has a new feature: tandem vehicles: in this category, you will find vehicles that are seen by different cameras, in different placements, traveling at close range one from the other at certain time intervals, no matter in what order and no matter how many. For example, the vehicles are seen as going in same directions at intervals between 2 minutes and ten. It is useful for law enforcement to see if a car has a “tail”. Or in situation where a illegality was done using a vehicle, to search for possible witnesses or accomplices
  • From now on, the default communication protocol between cameras and Metrici is TCP not UDP. A bigger buffer is an option. This may bring a more stable video stream with less communication loss. Also it could eliminate problems with dysfunctions in displaying live view image on interface and also in detection engines. The switch to UDP is always possible when one needs or want
  • Detection speed improvement thanks to new deep neuronal networks training
  • Better recognition accuracy for all detection engines
  • Improved interface with minor bugs fixed in Parking for LPR module
  • Search function in LPR actions lists improved
  • Black list options has new settings for improved access control

As a traditional policy, the update is free of charge for all Metrici clients who purchased a license in the last year, but also available for all those who want to be up to date.

Metrici is a globally-renowned solutions provider in the video surveillance industry, object recognition and artificial intelligence applications, which lately also approached and delivered custom applications for industrial sector. Started with license plate recognition, but now it focuses on different object recognition and AI based video analysis

The company is one time winner and two time top 3 finalist in OSPA contest, which rewards the best of the best in security industry.