Metrici sets the alarm for Valeo Industrial Park

Valeo Industrial Park in Timis County installed Metrici system for a better management and as a security feature.

The industrial park includes a warehouse, a production area and office spaces. Hundreds of cars enter every day in the industrial park. Employees with cars, delivery cars, distribution trucks, buses, taxis and others pass daily through the gates. The company needed a way to keep track of all this movement and keep records of how often certain cars are on location, how long trucks and cars are staying, or how long a loading for tucks lasts. A special request of Valeo was that all this information to be available in real time and automated. This means that the client didn't want just to read some reports at the end of the day about what happened on site.

In this case, a special feature of Metrici software fitted like a glove for them: the possibility to set an alarm for special events. In this specific location, Valeo administrator set more types of alert according to the time spent by a car inside the parking: 15 minutes, 3 hours, 12 hours and blacklist - were the types of lists and alarms created for this industrial park.

The administrator has now a safe way to monitor the traffic flow inside the parking and keep track of all the movements.

About Valeo

Valeo Lighting Injection SA is part of Valeo, independent industrial group that focuses on the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry. Valeo is among the top automotive suppliers in the world: in 2014, the group had sales of over 12.7 billion Euro worldwide.