Metrici is launching Face Detection and Thermal Analyzer

Metrici, the globally-renowned solutions provider in the video surveillance industry, object recognition and artificial intelligence applications, has developed a thermal imaging and screening software.

The romanian company specialised in AI succeedeed to develop in record time an application to be used with thermal cameras to scan, detect, recognize and deliver temperature for any object in a video stream.

Along with the help of Mobotix and Konica Minolta Romania, Metrici managed to deliver a complete Artificial Intelligence-powered face detection technology to screen people for fever by ensuring social distancing.

Metrici Thermal Analyzer is company’s response to market demands for temperature screening of people in context of global pandemic.

The real-time performance allows the evaluation of hundreds of people per minute without restricting the flow.
This high-tech solution can automatically detect a person’s temperature in a matter of milliseconds without the need for personal contact
The system works by automatically checking the head skin temperature in real time . If a person is over a normal temperature, an audible and visual alarm can be given.

“The solution will be a huge help to in screening persons quickly and effectively, without putting anyone at unnecessary risk of infection ”, Metrici CEO, Vlad Georgescu, appreciated.

Installation of this rapidly deployable solution requires no disruption to general operations. Thermal cameras can monitor temperature differences as low as 0.1 °C.

What Metrici is doing differently comparing to other solutions on the market is that it uses artificial intelligence to detect humans in a video stream and delivers temperatures only for them, not entire frame and not even entire body, but it concentrates its attention to the heads of the subjects.

Although this introduction refers to people, the solution can be applied to any object. Metrici can be trained to detect any object and to deliver an alarm when the temperature of that object is higher than a preestablished value.

Thermal imaging cameras are the latest devices people hope will help reopen the economy while keeping people safe from the threat of COVID-19.

Metrici and thermal cameras are used to scan people’s temperature from a safe distance, and if a fever — a common coronavirus symptom — is detected, this could require further screening.

It is a fact that the new normal will probably imply thermal screening in different scenarios, from airports and institutions, to school, transport, companies and shopping centers.

As concerning the privacy aspect and people preocupied by companies saving private data, Metrici can guarantee that no facial recognition is possible on thermal images. Also, only images with temperatures above normal are saved in database. And first of all, Metrici implemented for all its detection engines an option to “obfuscate images” so that they become very pixelated.

However, it should be mentioned that Metrici "doesn't detect coronavirus," it only is a tool to detect a symptom and call for further measures.

Thermal Analyzer is a perfect instrument to scan video streams and to find what temperature for objects of interest or for zones of interest.

It has become increasingly important to control the spread of Coronavirus through monitoring key symptoms, such as a fever.

Opposite to other solutions, Metrici can output temperature accodingly to complicated calculations so to deliver a perfect average.

By default, the temperature value delivered by Metrici is the average temperature of the hottest 1% percent of every pixel for a person’s head. Another choices are the average of the hottest 10 percent of pixels or the hottest pixel on the head of the subjects.

What brings

  • Test is passive and emits no harmful radiation.
  • Non contact multipoint measurement
  • Fast and accurate
  • Thermal imaging is non-invasive.
  • Test equipment does not require the use of tracer dyes or chemicals.
  • Information in real time and can be analyzed instantly
  • Data can be recorded
  • Equipment is highly portable and self-contained
  • Equipment can be easily transported and set up within minutes.

Restaurants, grocery stores, institutions, airports, companies and others can take advantage of the offer.

About thermal imaging

All objects above Absolute Zero (0 Kelvin) emit infrared radiation. While infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye, it can be detected and displayed by special thermal cameras. These cameras detect the invisible infrared radiation emitted by an object and convert it into a monochrome or multi-colored image

Understanding how radiometers work and the variables that affect the accuracy of observed temperatures is critical to understanding the potential error sources associated with the use of non-contact infrared temperature measurement.

Thermal imaging cameras are the latest devices used in the fight with global pandemic and Metrici brings its contribution with this latest development.

Where else do you encounter thermal imaging

Widely used in virus outbreak prevention (quick scanning of body temperature), security inspection, medical, R & D or industrial testing and equipment maintenance, fire prevention, night vision and security, outdoor adventure support (observation, search and rescue, night vision, hunting), petrochemical industry (high temperature alarm or Thermal imaging feature alarms), power industry system failures, construction, medicine, automotive testing, aerospace non-destructive testing, counter-terrorism, investigation, anti-drug, border control (rescue, monitoring, patrol), port rivers. 

Misapplication of technology will not only waste resources but can endanger public safety by allowing infected persons to slip through the screening process, potentially causing further spread of the disease and fatalities. That is why Metrici recommeds using reliable technology.