Stejarii luxury residential neighborhood, secured with Metrici

Stejarii residential area in Bucharest has secured its perimeter with Metrici. The most expensive neighborhood in Romania installed barriers and cameras at the entrance, alongside automatic number plate recognition product from Metrici, which is monitoring the traffic. The system proved to be the ideal choice for this luxury complex north of the Romanian capital.

The administrator needed a solution to allow members of the club and the apartments owners to enter and keep the uninvited guests out. The experts from Bitland are the ones who integrated Metrici solution in the security package for Stejarii.

All the tenants of the complex and members of the club are registered on a Metrici whitelist with free access. For special guests, an add-on to Metrici, integrated with a document scanner, keeps an evidence with copies from people's ID cards and builds a database along with what Metrici records about vehicles activities.

The administrator of the complex have in one place all the events registered daily at the residential area.

As some of the apartments inside the complex are rented and the recreation center inside the complex, the security concerns were unique. Metrici succeeded though to fulfill all the clients' requirements.