Metrici guards the Sanador Victoriei Hospital

Metrici became the "watchdog" at Sanador Hospital in Bucharest, again. In fact Sanador Clinic contacted Metrici after more than a year from the installation, as it wanted an upgrade after they noticed the software has reached level 5.0 and it had so many new useful features.

Sanador Clinic Victoriei is a private hospital in downtown Bucharest made out of two buildings, 5 stories high each. This hospital covers any aspect of the medical act.

The pediatric department has a separate entrance from the adults with special cabinets and its own reception.

Hundreds of doctors and nurses enter daily in the parking, without counting the patients and visitors. They rely on Metrici to grant free access for staff members.

The visitors stay at the clinic are automatically calculated and delivered by Metrici.

During all this time of detection, the system worked so well that Sanador and the integrators from Bitland haven't done any change or modification. It wasn't necessary any. Only recent they contacted Metrici for an upgrade as the software had so many new features that could fit clinic's needs.

See here the case study for this project.