Metrici covers the biggest university campus in Romania

Metrici covers the biggest university campus in Romania

Politehnica Bucharest campus chose Metrici as the solution to secure the campus and increase revenues.

Politehnica has the biggest university campus in Romania and an impressive number of students: more than 25.000 students and 1400 teachers and it covers 15 faculties and 100 ha of field. The complex includes a conference hall, some other buildings and many entrances and exits as it spreads out on such a large area.

The integrator SAG proposed Metrici to cover the 6 entrances/exits from the campus as a measure to discourage drivers from using the campus as a shortcut between two busy streets of Bucharest. They also needed Metrici as a tool in managing the parking spaces inside the campus and increase the revenues. Also, the people from nearby office and residential buildings used to use the campus area as a free parking space. This was also a practice it had to be stopped.

All the teachers and students with special access permits are listed on a Metrici whitelist and can enter and exit the parking without any obstacle. The others have to pay if want to enter the campus.

The campus administrator can also use Metrici's features for the numerous tenants inside.

This is only the first stage of the implementation, as the University will continue to install Metrici at every other faculty and student dorms area which are not in the big campus and are somehow isolated.

With the help from Metrici, the campus administration can eliminate all the traffic and managing problems. No more shortcuts and speeding through the campus.