Metrici is launching Parking Place Detector

Metrici introduces Parking Place Detector, a new detection engine and a dedicated interface, aimed at improving the way a user manages the parking places in parking lots, just with the help of IP cameras, no more wires necessary, no sensors, no underground or air cables necessary.

With the help with just one camera, you can monitor dozens of parking places to see in real time their status, whether they are free or busy. In the GUI you can change settings, generate alarms or view statistics and reports, have events database etc. Metrici recognizes for you the cars in a video stream, detects if a parking place is busy or free and reports this to a complex but easy to use interface.

Metrici PPD is the most efficient and probably the cheapest and easiest solution to use in parking lots, even when, and especially, when the conditions are tough for any other solutions.

This comes in package with a new Web interface, redesigned to match the advanced solutions of video analytics which became more complex and interconnected, interface that can be adapted to any working scenario.

So Metrici is renowning itself, by upgrading its offer with new or improved modules, but most important, with new detection engine, based on innovative AI technologies.

As any other Metrici software, Parking Place Detector is easy to install and use. The current solution is useful to any parking lots in businesses like retail, for office buildings, industrial parks, underground parkings, residential area, as well as and especially for street parkings, where in fact there is no efficient other way to monitor the parking spots.

In such a case, one can offer a satisfying experience for the users: in any given time, one can know how many places and where in the parking lot are available. Also, the manager can see reports and statistics about the occupancy level on days, weeks, for groups or zones, and also can view heat maps about the more searched places in the parking lot.

“Parking Place Detector was a natural evolution of our business, as the company grows and extends toward more advanced solution based on object detection and recognition. In fact this is not a goal per se, but a tool for businesses and city administration to facilitate their work. In the near future we will bring more such solutions based on AI training”, Metrici CEO, Vlad Georgescu showed.

As the new engine is in beta testing for a few months, you can see it working and be familiar with the new PPD introduction and the new interface, the new modules and detection engines, by asking for a demo access by mail to, to see how the new technology can help you in your future projects.

Things to know about Parking Place Detector engine and interface

  • Recognizes and keeps track of the changes for every single parking spot defined in location
  • Accurate detection 
  • Events recording for each parking place
  • Photo witness for any change occured: the spot is free or occupied
  • Complex database
  • Easy customization and integration with third party systems or databases
  • Better security, better control
  • Integration with the other modules from Metrici-detection links with LPR
  • Automatic reports and statistics