Metrici is a finalist in OSPA contest

Metrici has been chosen as a finalist in the Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2019 contest, one of the most famous worldwide in this area.

Metrici entire solutions have been selected by a jury for the Installers/Security Systems Integrators category.

The awards recognize and reward outstanding performance in companies and individuals across the security sector.

The criteria for these awards are based on extensive research on key factors that contribute to and characterize outstanding performance

The winners for each of the 7 categories will be announced on November 15th.

The OSPA Security Awards are open to organizations of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industries. These security awards recognize and reward companies and individuals across the security sector and are designed to be both independent and impartial,as for the success to be celebrated.

Vlad Georgescu, Metrici CEO, commented: “We are so proud to gain the nomination in this category. This is a reward per se for our effort in the last years to bring more and more solutions and features to ease and secure people’s life. This is a reward also for our partners who always helped us make better products with their feedback and demands”.

All the list with finalists can be consulted here.

The criteria for these awards are based on extensive research on key factors that contribute to and characterize outstanding performance. This research can be found here: Aspiring to Excellence, a Security Research Initiative report conducted by Perpetuity Research. The OSPAs are being set-up in collaboration with security associations and groups across many countries.

The OSPA program is an international format for performance recognition in security, scientifically originated in UK. Besides Romania, a special gala is also organized in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway and USA.

The key values of the awards and the events are:

Credible: The criteria for each award category have been carefully considered and based on extensive research across different security sectors and by looking at how outstanding performance is recognized and judged in other fields. There is strict criteria for who is appointed as a judge and for ensuring that judging decisions are fair and impartial.  Representatives from each country will assess entries and make the final decisions on the winners.

Independent – you don’t have to be a member of an association to be involved.

Transparent: We want everyone to know the criteria for entering, how judges are selected and how the judging process works, so these details are published on the website.

Respectable: The OSPAs will become a worldwide brand, generating honor and opportunities for our winners. Furthermore, winners will be widely recognized as driving outstanding performance across the sector.

All solutions were judged by security experts with experience and knowledge within this sector. Judges are shortlisted by partner organizations working with the OSPAs and then independently reviewed by the international OSPAs team. The judges’ mark all entries against the criteria set out in the category requirements and the highest scoring entry following the judging will be the winner.

Entries are assigned to judges randomly, however, they are reviewed prior to distribution and not assigned to judges where there may be a conflict of interest or any association between entrant and judge. All judges follow a strict code of conduct which can be found below. The judges’ shortlist is announced prior to the awards event, however the winner of each category will remain a secret until the night of the awards.

Metrici is privileged to be among the best companies in this area which is a reward for company’s efforts and constant self improvement. What Metrici thinks judges appreciated is the integrated approach Metrici has in all its software and hardware offers and interconnectivity and flexibility.

Considering the relative recent approach towards Artificial Intelligence, Metrici became one of the big names internationally in its segment and is permanently updating its video analysis capabilities and technologies.

All Metrici applications are based on AI and the company is doing constant training for the artificial neural networks.

Metrici noticed that until now, the security problem was approached individually by a series of sensors, as independent points. What Metrici did was to unite all these sensors in one application.

Metrici can monitor dozens of cameras, each one with its detection engine and can be a sensor allarm, a traffic alert monitoring system, controlls and secures the access or can give a trigger for external hardware or software.

The maintanance is minimal and all applications are to be monitored in one interface. In the same interface we can have a LPR for access control, PPD for managing the parking lot and allarms, code recognition for containers, People Counter and Area Detection for sensitive areas and QR Code for shipping.

Another Metrici feature is “Unified trigger” where events which are not simultaneous can be linked in Metrici database or different Metrici engines can trigger one another.