Upgrade: New case, firmware & GUI for Metrici MultiController

Metrici MultiController is reaching a new version as the team designed a new case, modern and more resistant. But not only the exterior, the body, is different. Also, its "mind" is updated with new soft and features. On ne hand of the innovation is that the device has a variety of colors, and a translucent lid which lets a user to see when the it is working.

Secondly, besides the aesthetics, a new firmware was also developed and a new GUI which are accompanying the exterior, visual changes. So the product is totally changed but much better and helpful.

The new interface is more friendly and adapted to the needs of our partners. Also, only one file is needed for automated settings upload. And more, from now on, RFID communication can be implemeneted inside the case.

The Metrici MultiController is a LAN controller developed entirely by Metrici which allows communicating and commanding two external hardware devices that can receive http commands.

As the first version had different files settings to be uploaded when one wanted, now there is only need of one file for uploading settings for the entire device, very useful when implementing multiple MultiControllers in a location.

MultiController is a hardware product fully developed in-house by Metrici. This also has the Wiegand Protocol implemented (MMCW).

About MultiController

It can be powered on a 12-38V power source and has Ethernet and WiFi capabilities adapted for different scenarios. You can read more on product page.
On one hand it can be used for its Wiegand protocol and linked to access control scenarios, in combination with all Wiegand central stations hardware and and wired connection. On the other hand it can be used as a classical controller with the help of its digitial outputs and inputs and its connectivity.
Also Metrici MultiController has WiFi and Ehernet connection and can be linked to Metrici database and Interface besides to a Wiegand Central, as explained further.

In a first scenario, Metrici MultiController can be used in connection to two inductive loops or sensors, for example and to trigger Metrici engine to make a detection. In this scenarios, it can also command up to two barriers, two traffic lights or other external hardware via its two digital outputs.

As such, when communicating with Metrici Database and interface, it receives commands to take an action or not for specific license plates when detected.

For example, it may receive a command to make a traffic light red if a car doesn’t have access rights for a parking lot or a street traffic light to change color when more than X cars are waiting in queue .

For a second scenario, MMCW is used for its Wiegand cappabilities. When a license plate is detected, the Metrici Engine does a Check Action to the controller. This, in its turn asks for a wiegand ID to Metrici Database.

If that particular license plate has a Wiegand ID in Metrici database, the Controller receives it and will pass it to Access Control Central Command which makes the call to take an action or not. This action can be opening a barrier, a door, act an external hardware or any other command.

If that particular license plate has no Wiegand ID or the ID has no rights in an area, no action will be completed .

The device can be used as such by companies as a timesheet device for the employees.

Similar procedure can be established when using its RFID option, which can be a trigger or make a cross-check and make an action based on special conditions set in Metrici Interface.