Hermes Business Campus, easy parking management with Metrici

Hermes Business Campus is one of the newest office buildings in Bucharest found in Metrici a solution to secure the access in its buildings and to manage the parking spaces for all its numerous tenants.

With a total of three buildings and a total area 78.000 sqm, tens of companies renting the space, thousands of cars to manage daily, Metrici seemed the obvious choice.

The buildings have 4 levels underground parking each and are 8 stories high. Between the clients of Hermes Business and beneficiary of Metrici parking management solution, one should mention Xerox, Netherlands Embassy, Elefant, Regus, SNC Lavalin, DB Schenker and Genpact.

Hermes chose Metrici as it had already included a special feature very useful for administrative reason. The possibility to create tenant groups and each one of them can create subtenants. The subtenant can also create its own tenants and so on.

Each one of them can personally manage their access list by modifying the license plates in database in accordance with their own vehicles and needs, but without having the possibility to surpass the number of allocated spaces by the building's administration.

The Hermes Business Campus also needed a solution to see a report about each tenant activity, which in fact is also included in Metrici interface: how many cars, how he used the space, how many entrances/exits it recorded during a certain period of time etc. Rolf company watched that the security features to be perfect for Hermes Business Campus.

The every new feature Metrici introduces on market brings new clients who were in search for solution to better manage their traffic, fleets, or better understand the business.