Metrici complies with GDPR rules

Metrici, leader on the Romanian market of deep neural network software solution and video analytics, aligns, as all the international business, as of this month, will comply to the GDPR rules which will come in effect May 25, 2018.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)- the (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union.

In the new scenario, the EU is giving individuals more power over their data and less power to the organizations that collect and use such data. Even this was mainly addressed to companies who were using data for monetary gain, it now applies to all companies.

Anyone who wants to continue to be a part of Metrici team, and receive the newsletters, will have to make a small step and resubscribe or subscribe for the first time, for first time visitor on the site.

Until the readmission mail is sent you can choose by now to receive Metrici newsletter, either in English or romanian.


Metrici will use partners’ emails only for its own marketing purposes and it will not provide the data to any third party.

Metrici will use the information one provides on its subscription forms to be in touch with and to offer updates and marketing materials.

One can change its mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email one receives.

In order to be in line with the new rules, Metrici needs to run a readmission campaign.

Metrici will make sure to protect all data, although it will only use the email as a marketing tool. All other information, as name, phone number or address are not mandatory to provide to keep in touch with Metrici.

General considerations of GDPR rules

As the internet and its use, as well as the privacy rules have dramatically changed the way people communicate and how handle everyday tasks.

Even if a user was used to send emails, share documents, pay bills, purchase goods by entering personal details online and without a second thought, now the new rules affect not only the companies, but these users as well.

There are probably a few who ever stopped and thought to wonder how much personal data is shared over the internet and what happens to that info.

The personal data, as banking information, contacts, addresses, social media posts, IP address, opinions, arguments, phone numbers, photos, location, friends and relative are all stored online.

Metrici will continue to target relevant communications to people who really could be interested and choose to be in touch. In fact Metrici will only save the email, where the name, address, company are only optional.

Metrici was always inclined towards privacy and security, due to the nature of the software it offers. Moreover, Metrici doesn’t even know where all the licenses are installed, as some clients choose to be anonymous. Working through distributors and integrators, it is not rare that Metrici receives an activation request, without really knowing who the client might be.

And as a next step, Metrici will soon introduce new features in the interface, which will increase the privacy level.