Metrici "monitors" Dinamo Stadium

Dinamo Stadium has acquired Metrici solution for the access inside the sport complex. All the gates of the unit are now monitored by the Metrici software. The stadium has four access gates, which will be watched by four cameras and automatic number plate recognition product from Metrici. It's a first step of the client in the modernization of the stadium.

Dinamo is one of the most important and biggest stadiums in Romania, used by a football team with tradition in the first league FC Dinamo. Besides the big football field, the complex includes also more office buildings and many sport arenas for training and competition as well as a swimming pool and a track.

The access inside the complex is secured from several adjoining streets.

Metrici monitors all the entrances/exits from the stadium and the system is managed from a central server. A long time partner of Metrici, Parking Experts did all the field work, installing the barriers and Metrici software.

Although the complex will be rebuilt and renovated in preparation for the Euro 2020 football event, Metrici will continue to monitor the entrance gates.

The purpose of the project was to improve the quality and flow efficiency of the traffic, together with a better security, considering such a large complex.

Thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as thousands of subscription members of Dinamo Sport Club use the base on a regular basis.