Metrici began developing custom AI applications

Metrici began developing a new path in its business by creating custom Artificial Intelligence based applications for industrial sector, but not only. These are based on companies capablities of training the neuronal networks to recognize any kind of object. In already the first projects created, the solutions were implemented in car pieces manufacturing sector and construction industry with some local and international produceres who wanted to detect, recognize and count the pieces they produce.

But the best feature is in fact another one, which no other company on the market can deliver, but Metrici. It is used as a quality control tool, as the solution is also used as an alarm feature to trigger a warning when defective parts are detected.

These solutions are built on Metrici foundation of area counter and are supposed to automatize some manufacturing processes and to reduce manpower, as well as avoid human errors.

The custom projects were built on clients need to detect defective products on the production line. Metrici can identify quantity, size and quality of products and triggers an alarm when there is something wrong.

As always in Metrici, the system has an easy to access interface with separated administration rights for each user, real-time dashboard, reports and statistics.
Custom application means designing software for a specific user or group of users. Thus, this custom software is designed to address specific needs for a specific client and can not be applied as such anywhere else.
Such software is designed to address your needs precisely as compared to the more traditional ready-made software. Such applications are created just for your specific company and not appliable to any others.

As Metrici always did even with the traditional products that are constantlly modified for specific clients and specific needs, custom software is tailor made for a business and eliminates some problems that can not be solved otherwise or would be very difficult.

Metrici takes a collaborative approach to custom built to ensure the final product meets all requirements.

Custom AI applications offer significant advantages over traditional solutions – when talking about business process management .

Between the advantages, one can consider automate repetitive tasks and automatically manage workflows and processes.

As any company has its own products or increasely complicated systems implemented, Metrici can read the necessities and respond to the needs.

There is no out-of-the box solution for example to read the defective parts on a production line. So this is where Metrici was approached.

Custom application development can help companies maximize investment by using technology in their advantage and for their growth.

There are many benefits to custom application development which is becoming more the norm than the exception.