Going soon in outer space?

You could be interested in the new Metrici technology. Earth AI for space exploration and ET life detection

Did you ever stop and thought about what could save us when alien life forms would threaten us on our doorstep or in deep space? We told you, Metrici can recognize anything. And here it is the proof. From now on, anyone thinking about going in outer space could be interested in the new Metrici technology.

As the last years were marked not only by the pandemic, but the abundance of space flights organized by one of the most rich men in the world, the team brought an offer to help mankind in space travel and visiting other planets.

For the first time in human evolution, Metrici developed Aliens* and Predators* detection and recognition solutions for future space ships to increase their security system and better protect the astronauts where none can come to their rescue and are on their own in the deeper space or people right here, on Earth.

So our advice for the new year is don’t look up for aliens or threatening situations. Just watch Metrici do the job and it will tell you when peril is nearby and approaching fast.

We are wondering why limit ourselves to finding prove of unicellular life or water in the Universe, when we can aim high and directly find Aliens and Predators as we all know it.

With the help of its out of this world detection capabilities, Metrici is trying to prove once for all that we are not alone and protect humankind.

With the mind set at helping NASA, European Space Agency, other national agencies, Ellon Musk, Jeff Bezzos, Richard Branson or other billionaires preparing to go in outer space, Metrici is trying to give them and their clients a tool to stay alive and away from trouble.

Metrici is openning the road for searching alien life in a different manner by using its accurate recognition know-how. The company is taking the mission to lead the research for searching out of this world life with out of this world technology.

This is the first step in the beginning to prepare humanity for the future close encounter of the third kind.

Metrici vs Aliens& Predators

We think that, relatively soon, some astronauts or space travellers we will most likely find compelling evidence for extraterrestrial life, so we are training in advance. Metrici will be there to alert whenever danger is nearby.

So scientists at Metrici have created this new tool which could aid the discovery of Aliens and Predators and prove alien life in the universe.

No more radio signals, bio-signatures, optical experiments, quantum communication or mathematics calculus to prove ET life existence.

Metrici AI based recognition allows any space traveler to be alerted when an Alien or a Predator is inside or outside of the space ship, are preparing an attack or effectively are involved in a fight. People searching for signs of life beyond Earth have now the chance to spot possible friends or enemies.

Unlike listening to radio waves with old technology, Metrici can monitor monitor the environment to detect possible Aliens or Predators threats. Decades of searching in the dark for extraterrestrials can now come to an end, as Metrici will actively alert personnel when necessary.

Adding to the excitement, Metrici is actively searching for partners to implement the technology onboard of space transportation vehicles. As such we recommend that all space ships, satellites, Space stations or other vehicles for space travelers to have such technology installed on their way to Red Planet, Moon, Jupiter or outside our Solar System, or when just orbiting the Earth.

*Aliens life form, also known as Xenomorph XX121 or Internecivus raptus, are characters from Alien franchise.

*Predator is also a movie franchise depicting a fictional race of extraterrestrial trophy-seeking military type personnel life form. The two belong to 20th Century Studios (The Walt Disney Company).


Although the detection capabilities are real and a prove that Metrici AI can detect any kind of objects, be it on Earth or space, the above text and video are just a humoristic way to say and prove that anything is possible when you have the technology and the know-how to detect, recognize and classify any object in the Universe and to prove that not even space is a frontier when you have big plans.