Integrated Metrici AI solutions for

the best traffic management and smart city development

Since Metrici proposed solutions for better traffic management, the company’s portfolio of products improved even more and Artificial Intelligence is used as a primary tool in analyzing, detecting and understanding the environment even better than a human. As traffic not only in Romania but worldwide is getting worse by the day, Metrici brings to the table the tools to solve the problems.

Everybody is talking for a long time about smart city but no local administration is willing to do the necessary steps to actually implement it. Metrici is bringing the software and hardware one needs, you just have to use them.

In the last years Metrici permanently developed its Deep Neuronal Networks to better analyze images and distinguish different kind of objects and actions.

The tools

Be it vehicles, people or other objects, Metrici can tell you how many, how long and where from and to, how much timethey spent and other useful data and statistics to understand the flow around you, on your street, in a parking lot or a building, the habits of people, the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians.

Metrici began with License Plate Recognition (LPR), but since that day it took another steps up, now offering so many more software and analytics solutions that could solve any local authority problem.

Any of the newest company’s detection and analysis engine can solve a precise problem and all of them working together can improve performance.

In the beginning there was the Parking Module for LPR, that could lead to management of one or all parking lots in a city using LPR, where this is a possibility. Metrici calculates time inside, you can set tariffs according to the zone, time of the day, day of the week etc. You can set access lists and timetables according to every need.

After that, Parking Place Detector came, for big parking lots, where one Metrici engine can monitor dozens of parking places and see which is one is available and which is not.

You can have parking lot divided by zones, stores, special places etc. You can set alarms for overtime parking and many more.

What about the traffic?

Indeed, Metrici offers is not limited to the parking management. Beside LPR, Metrici introduced two new engines that could address the traffic problem: Area Counter and Line Counter. Combined with Metrici capabilities of recognizing cars and people these are the tools to use for traffic management.

For example one can know how many cars are on a street in a given time, how many people are waiting at the crosswalk or how many cars are passing an intersection in a time interval. Metrici can also be set to trigger external hardware such as traffic lights or other devices when certain conditions are met: long queue, long waiting, crowded area etc.

Keep in mind that Metrici tells you not only how many vehicles, but what kind of, as it can distinguish 8 classes: motorcycle, car, SUV, van, bus, truck, tram, industrial machines.

You also have access to reports and statistics to fine tune and manage traffic lights timing or automatize the process.

What now?

These are only some of possibilities, as each Metrici module and engine has dozens of different settings and all of them working together can be applied in diverse scenarios and combinations for the best results.

As such, Metrici can work on its own and one can use Metrici user Interface and its settings or all data can be sent to a third party.

As you know, Bucharest is number one on an European top of the worst traffic jams, and fifth worldwide. Also national roads are known for their number of accidents and casualties. If you are developing a smart city in Romania or somewhere else, there is no excuse now for not using the best Metrici AI can offer.

Scenarios to use Metrici LPR, PPD, Area Counter, and Line Counter

  • Effective traffic control in intersections or on the road
  • How many cars/people on the road
  • Detection of illegal traffic behaviour
  • Detection of unauthorized parking
  • Traffic or parking management
  • Available parking spaces detection
  • Monitoring restricted spaces
  • Crowded place
  • Long waiting at the traffic light/ street or sidewalk
  • Wrong Way Detection- Detecting Vehicle moving in a wrong direction
  • Trespass - Detection of Vehicle (or Person) entering a virtual space
  • Speeding- Detection of over speeding for a vehicle with Metrici Observer Radar or using two distinct LPR readings

  • Vehicle Counting / Queue management - Counting Vehicles crossing / in a perimeter

  • Waiting Time management for queues

  • Illegal Parking - Detecting vehicles parking in no parking zone

  • Congestion Detection - Detecting vehicle congestion in a virtual area

  • Vehicle counting: Vehicles coming IN and going OUT an area

  • Unauthorized Crossing of Railway/Street Lines

  • Surveillance of Critical Infrastructure

  • Unauthorized Crowding / Overcrowding

  • Heat Map & Motion Map - areas with the greatest frequency and activity

  • Counting - Counting of people, or object after crossing a virtual line or in a perimeter

  • Perimeter Protection / Intrusion Detection

  • Person hanging in an area