Metrici does it again: OSPA finalist second time in a row

For the second year in a row, Metrici was chosen as a finalist in the Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2020, a competition which is choosing the best from the best in this industry.

Metrici was nominated in 2020 for the developpment of its Thermal Analyzer detecttion engine and interface, after the succes in 2019, when Metrici was nominated as the best in the industry.

This was launched in the spring as a response to people's need to take measures against the spread of Covid-19 cases.

It is meant for temperature screening of people in context of global pandemic. The real-time performance allows the evaluation of hundreds of people per minute without restricting the flow.

This high-tech solution can automatically detect a person’s temperature in a matter of milliseconds without the need for personal contact.

The system works by automatically checking the head skin temperature in real time . If a person is over a normal temperature, an audible and visual alarm can be given.

It also can be used in multiple scenarios as a security feature, intruder alert, fire alert etc.

As the OSPA contest is becoming a tradition already with its fifth edition, the performance of Metrici to be among the finalists for a second year proves company's permanent improvement and developpment.

OSPA competition is an independent format based on scientific methods that rewards real achievement in private security.

For 2020, 8 categories were created and the winners were chosen by experts in the respective fields.

Although Metrici was not a winner this year it is a joy that it reached the finals.

Vlad Georgescu, Metrici CEO, was happy to congralulate the winners: "I applaud all my colleagues and competitors nominated for the awards and the winners even more. Altghough we didn't win, we are glad we are in such a good selection of professionals. Hopefully next year we'll be among finalists again. A big congrats also to our partner, Alexandru Zamfir from DO Security, who won in our category"