Metrici launches version 5.1 of ANPR software

Metrici team launched a new version of the automatic number plate recognition -ANPR software.The last 6 month were dedicated to this new development which brings improved highlights to every level of the program.The user will notice changes in the interface, but also some of the most important modifications took place behind the scenes, in the detection engine. Metrici introduced some features to the users benefit and wrote new lines of codes to make the software and the detection even more reliable, fast and accurate. This patch will result in an increase in speed and was meant to address some issues Metrici clients were interested in. The development is an answer to specific requests the users made over time. The new edition will be available globally starting today. This new version offers significant ergonomic and productivity improvements.

Some of the new features of version 5.1 of Metrici:

  • The interface has been slightly redesigned
  • The functions are more ergonomic and allows an easy use
  • New modules regarding alarms setting and searches
  • News tenants and groups settings
  • Optimized recognition for countries such as Switzerland, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Czech Republic
  • New detection training for Middle East countries: Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar

As an illustration of the developments an alarm can be initiated if a car stays in a parking more than a certain period of time or a number plate belonging to a group is detected. The alarm is sent by mail or SMS. For the near future more alarms setting will be developed, in accordance also with the feedback from our clients. You can read more about the improvements in change log.

Metrici engaged itself on a long road ahead to gain even more clients trust and satisfy users needs for a more useful and friendly experience and interaction with the software, its results, reports and data to grow clients business.

The customers will have access to a variety of features that will considerably facilitate their workday. Metrici business is dedicated to delivering solutions that provide customers with the opportunity to allocate more responsibility and time to the organization, to gain a better control. It enables users to work with business-critical tools wherever they are and further simplifies administration. To download and test the new version you can go to