Metrici reaches 3.0 version

The best Romanian company in video analytics is changing versions as it grows. After the launch of Container Code Recognition last year and Parking Place Detector in 2019, Metrici needed to develop the user interface as more detection engines means a more complex database and interconnectivity demands a new approach of the way data are stored and accessed.

Hence the need for a 3.0 version of Metrici. With this issue, Metrici steps in a new league, as it dramatically changed the GUI as well as the engines. Not only the appearance changed but, in the background, the database and the detection engines are completely new.

The new Web interface and database are redesigned to match the advanced solutions of video analytics which became more complex and interconnected.

As for the neural network, this is more advanced and has performed dedicated training sets for vehicle recognition and classification, people and characters detection.

The new interface integrates modules for License Plate Recognition, Container Code Recognition, Parking, Toll Stations and Weighing Stations modules based on LPR and the new Parking Place Detector, but also leaves room for the future detection engines and modules that are now in development.

“The user interface is under development for a while now along with the engines, as we wanted to present them when ready and fully operational. As always, we can also receive suggestions from our friends for how to develop from now on. I in fact ask all our partners and friends to test the new versions and tell us what else can be improved or added”. As we are used to do, Metrici consistently listens to its partners to present a product that fits their needs”, Vlad Georgescu, Metrici CEO, explained.

As stated, this interface has some new features and was divided in Metrici different modules and among the things introduced is the possibility to grant access in the interface for a user to a level of sub menu.

The Metrici 3.0 interface is responsive, with a modern look, adapted to the more complex database and big data that are displayed.

With this mark, Metrici is also compatible from now on with CentOS 7.6 version. As Metrici will constantly grow, these structures are more flexible and let adding new branches without restrictions, as they are developed by the team.

You can see at work the new Metrici and get familiar with the new introductions, the interface, the modules and engines, by asking for a demo access to observe how the new technology can help you in your future projects.