Upgrade: Metrici launches 3.6 version

Metrici has deployed a new global release of its software for the second time this year. The company is determined on helping organizations better manage their security neccesities and amplify their work efectiveness by using cutting edge technology and deep neuronal networks.

So Metrici launches another upgrade for its software, reaching version 3.6. This update has improvements for every detection engine, brings new ones in the Control Panel and also improvements for the Metrici Interface which includes more features and modules which were lately developed and some of which were already announced to the public, but now they are all included in the installation kit for the old and new clients alike.

So the new release brings some characteristics in the interface, new neuronal trainings, new architecture for the Control Panel with more detection engines and improved old ones.

Also 3.6 has enhanced algorithms and new training for all AI detection engines that result in better and even more accurate recognition.

The software is permanently improving and it moves forward with new developments and exciting atributes for our clients and future to be clients.

Metrici 3.6 characteristics, technical details and product features

  • Recorded Video Files LPR Processing included in the Control Panel and in the Interface
  • H.265 support for all detection engines
  • Line Counter detection engine included in the Control Panel and module for the Interface
  • Boat recognition and classification included for Area Counter, Line Counter and PPD
  • Measure objects dimensions using four GPS coordinates and tracking
  • New reports in the interface regarding tenants in Parking for LPR
  • Tenant filter feaure in the Parking for LPR module in the Interface
  • Updated functionalities in Metrici Interface
  • Detection speed improvement thanks to new neuronal training
  • Better recognition accuracy for all detection engines
  • NVMe type storage automated installation update information

"The fact that Metrici is constantly evolving is extremely important for helping our customers achieve greater success. 3.6 version and the ones to follow will allow us to better serve the fast-and constantly changing needs of our partners, and we look forward to continuing to improve our solutions", said Vlad Georgescu, CEO of Metrici.

As usual the update is free of charge for all Metrici clients who purchased a license in the last year, but also available for all partners who want to be up to date, after a quotation request to the prefered Metrici distributor.

Metrici is a globally-renowned solutions provider in the video surveillance industry, object recognition and artificial intelligence applications, which lately also aproached and delivered custom applications for industrial sector.

The company is one time winner and two time top 3 finalist in OSPA contest, which rewards the best of the best in security industry.