Barlad Parking & City

Barlad is the county seat of Vaslui County, with a surface of 15 square kilometers, gathering a local community of around 60.000 people.

One large parking operator in Barlad city wanted to double-check the parking fees are collected in an ethical manner. He wanted to be sure the business is at its real value. He soon encountered a logistic problem. With no less than 7 access points, and the big surface of the parking lot (2.000 square meters) was difficult to handle. I addition to this, the traffic was increasingly hard to supervise only by human resources.

Covering all this heavy traffic and space with manpower or other solutions seemed pretty hard and unreliable. In fact, relying only on the ethics of its tax collector, the administration was reported a number of 1000 cars per day.

Besides that, the process of monitoring the traffic needed automation: local residents had to be able to enter their home area without paying.

Metrici proposed a 7 Hikvision DS- 2CD2232I-5 cameras installment (one for each entry of the parking lot), 1 server INTEL dual procesor, 1 license for Metrici BL (standard software package) and 6 licenses for Metrici EL
Also Metrici LPR offered a custom made solution for optimizing detection and recognition of number plates under any light conditions, harsh weather.
Thus, the owner keeps track now of the cars entering and exiting the parking lot on a 24 hours basis. Reports and the status of the parking lot can be accessed in real time for avoiding congestion. Plus, no matter what access point a client uses, he can choose any exist - he is not forced to exit on the same barrier where he entered.

Barlad parking technical data

  • 2000 sq.m. of parking spaces
  • 7 access points/exits in the parking
  • 7 Hikvision DS- 2CD2232I-5 LPR cameras
  • 1 Intel server
  • 7 Metrici LPR licenses (1 BL and 6 EL licenses)

The owner soon discovered the real value of the traffic in the parking was three times higher than that reported by the human installers: approximately 3000 cars/per day. The cost of the project was recovered in 18 days!
Recently, the manager contacted Metrici for a new development and install within Barlad city, as the first project proved to be such a success.