Scared of the AI but have special needs and seek help?

Why Metrici is using AI and why you need it

You know Metrici is using Artificial Intelligence for a while now, but do you know how we improve it, develop and can how we do it better?

AI is used to do things better, and Metrici is using it to help in improving performance and deliver better results faster and more accurate every time.

In fact, AI has become almost omnipresent in our lives. We know many people are scared AI will take over the world like in a terminator movie and of a complete AI win in front of human race.

Nevertheless, AI is present more and more in our lives and we use it everyday in our activities, sometimes not even realizing it.

From a simple internet search to using a phone, AI is used for instant results and feedback. AI has been and it is used in a wide range of businesses and industries from research, production, transport, art etc. In fact probably there is no field where it is not used or could not be used.

In medicine, in education, in transport, in engineering, AI is used intensively nowadays and is in fact computer simulation of human intelligence process.

A little bit of explanation

Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence processed by machines. You probably heard before terms like machine learning or deep neuronal networks etc associated with AI.

Machine Learning is the process of teaching machines without the explicit work of programming – as Metrici does, you don’t instruct them to do a thing, but rather let them decide what decision to make based on experience, after a learning process.

Deep Learning is machine learning algorithms with brain like structure- called artificial neuronal networks -ANNs- or deep neuronal networks- DNN, basically they mimic the neurons. So, neural networks mimic the human brain through a set of algorithms.

It is used to predict, automate, and optimize tasks that humans have historically done, from speech to object recognition, decision making, or translation.

The more node layers, or depth of neural networks, the better the AI can resolve. In fact Metrici developed several stages of DNN’s according to different scenarios, speed of calculation, delivery time, projects etc. In some cases, smaller DNN can be used where there is no need for much processing, which results in better use of hardware capacities and more speed in delivery time.

How do we do it- What to remember

Metrici AI is based on a sense that is common to people-vision. It is a "visual experience" for the artificial neuronal network, as Metrici is a specialist in video analysis. That doesn't exclude that in the future other senses to be integrated in Metrici AI technology, such as a tactile experience, for example. To resume things, if a human can visually distinguish some parameters for an object or task, then Metrici can do it too. If a person can be trained to do tasks, Metrici DNN also learns to recognize patterns and differentiate between situations. So it is not coding programming, but teaching. Shortly, is is based on power of example: Metrici AI is presented different aspects of a same situations and learns to make a difference and take an informed decisions.

Personalized Learning: Metrici AI enables personalized DNN learning experiences for each project. First step is analyzing the need of a client followed by DNN training for recognizing different patterns and make decisions like humans do.

As the network grows it becomes better and better through self-improvement and sometimes human feedback. This is Metrici Custom Applications division, as it is generically called.

From city and traffic management , to production, quality control and beyond, shipping, Metrici AI is present already on many sights helping people make better things, faster with less effort. The DNN is built on top of different detection engines depending on each job and sometimes several engines and DNNs work together to deliver the best results. For example, one can recognize an object, another measures the temperature, where a third one will read some letters and so on.

Different level of analysis can be made for the same image frame and an output is delivered based on all these pieces of the puzzle.

What is the Role of Metrici AI implementations

AI can come and help organizations save time and cost.

Enterprises will not need human efforts for assessment. AI-driven tools can gather information, evaluate performance, check and provide accurate results for any type of assessment.

AI can be used to create personalized projects that are tailored for individual needs exactly like Metrici does with its custom applications.

Based on experience, Metrici portfolio is constantly being expanded to include innovative technologies and solutions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the key driving forces of change in the manufacturing and production industry and Metrici is in front line in Romania and worldwide. It proved already it can outpass any company in the industry thanks to its rapid approach and quick problem solving capabilities.

It brings speed to efficiency and drives down the costs of production.

While some factories have already deployed automated vision to optimize production lines, companies can combine it with the power of AI to significantly improve results and quality, for an efficient production line.

AI mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind, enabling systems to detect objects and make predictions with incredible accuracy and speed.

Metrici AI can accelerate anomaly detection in factories - inspecting products for defects on the production floor to improve manufacturing efficiency and lower production cost.

Automation will take advantages of the experience of Metrici developing effective AI algorithms and of powerful AI processing solutions to improve efficiency or safety, either by replacing human in dangerous jobs or by alerting when anomaly detected.

AI can also be deployed to work side-by-side with humans or instead of humans. Metrici already does that in so many projects, where it checks products made by human or machines for errors, commands robotic arms, or inspects the flow on the production line or when it checks human follow the safety rules etc.

In some other projects Metrici already implements, the AI is integrated with drones and robots to make inventory, keep a good flow of production, packaging and transport, based on Metrici capabilities to process an incredible amount of information and take decisions. Metrici can anytime decide to stop a production process or alert when mismatch is noticed, for example.

How exactly Metrici AI helps

  • Automation
  • Metrici AI and robots revolutionize mass-production, by doing recurring activities, designing the production model, rising competence, building automation solutions, eradicating human error and delivering superior levels of quality assurance

  • 24x7 Production
  • Metrici is capable to work for 24/7 in the production line, no shifts required. Metrici AI can assist and command robots or do the job by itself without any break

  • Safer Environment
  • AI infusion means less human resource necessary for dangerous and laborious work, as machines can perform risky activities with no accidents

  • Opportunities for people
  • AI takes over the boring tasks, workers will get to focus on complex and innovative tasks

  • Quick data, quick decisions
  • Fast processing, fast delivery, accurate every time

  • Enhanced production outcomes
  • Better flow, no errors, no bad products

  • Advanced process flow effectiveness
  • From design to production, check, transport and client with minimum human intervention

  • Minimal operational costs
  • One time investment for life time operation

  • Easy and superior scalability
  • Need more? New products to recognize? New production line? New projects? No problem growing