Metrici LPR

Is the software solution at the center of our business. Many features which are included are the results of interactions with our clients, integrators and end-users.

In fact we would like to think of us as a high-end tailor who delivers a suite for customer's needs. Metrici LPR delivered different solutions to our partners, adapted and tailored for the customer's specifications.

We not only offer you a software, but we shape it for a perfect fit to your business model and needs. The number of applications to use license plate recognition software or character recognition is only limited by our imagination.

Metrici LPR key features

No limit for number of plates in the same frame.
It can operate free flow (tries to detect license plates continuously) or at external trigger.
Recognizes origin country/syntax for all European states, Israel, Iordania, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Peru, Tanzania and more- over 45 states .
It can detect the direction of movement for a vehicle.
Each IP camera can have its own detection window, for the system to reach and identify license plates only in that area. It can reduce the false positive reading.
Each camera can have its companion camera, for an ambient image to be saved in database along with the detection image.
It can be connected with a radar for each camera in the system.
It can be integrated with third party systems: barriers, traffic lights, signs etc.
It can send recognized license plate and additional info to an external system, through POST method.
Web interface is accessible from anywhere in the world with internet access and from any device.
It can support many users, each one with its own login and passwords account, and differentiated access and administration power.
A user can define in the interface as many locations and cameras as it wants.
Live view for all the cameras defined in the interface.
Car Flow feature: a list of cars that are detected by Metrici LPR depending on what kind of alert the user chose: “cars in the action list” or “ cars not in the action list”. A beep sound will accompany every detection from that list.
Whitelist and blacklist: grants access or not/ sends alerts.
A user can search a number plate in database with a complete formula or with partial number.
Search filter by location, country, camera etc.
Each license plate can have its own specifications in whitelists or blacklist: open barrier, send an email alert, live view alert.
Log: the system records all the users activity .
A user can create group of cars with specific actions .
The system generates reports with the detection by hours, days, camera, location.
The reports, lists or searches can be exported in XLS or PDF formats.
The system calculates time between 2 consecutive detection for each number: eg. Time spent inside, time on track, last events in the last day, week, month etc.

The module allows defining the total parking spaces in a parking lot. The system calculates the number of occupied spaces and can command a traffic light or a display when the parking is full.
The system can manage an unlimited number of spaces.
The parking can be organized in sections or stories and each one can be managed individually.
It can display total number of free parking spaces by stories or sections, if it is the case, and some other customized messages on a LED display.
It keeps track of the cars, free spaces, busy spaces, total. Any of this information or some others can be sent to a LED display.
A user can define an unlimited number of timetables and pricing units, by the hour, half an hour, daily, fixed price, one pass etc.
A timetable can be set to deny access in the parking between certain hours, or after 10 PM, for example.
A time interval can be set in which a client who entered a parking can exit without pay.
Integration with cash registers
A user can set the mode for pricing roundup (up or nearest value).
A time interval without pay can be defined. In this time interval, a visitor can exit without limitations.
It automatically calculates time spent inside, total value to be paid and can deliver a receipt.
Automatic calculation of the receipt is based on the timetables the manager sets: e.g. a differentiated price for day/night, week days/weekend, work hours or not. Depending on the time and interval spent inside, the system will generate a receipt. Any customized information can be printed on the receipt.
The barrier can also be "manually" opened from live view – the event is recorded in database.
It supports an unlimited number of operators, LPR cameras and cash registers. Each system operator can have its own administration rights.
It supports defining groups and vehicles with subscription and free access.
An unlimited number of tenants can be defined in interface. Each one of them can have their own interface in which to manage the car fleet, access program, access list. Each tenant can organize his own subtenants- for example a company can give a number of spaces to each of its departments, from there to each subdepartment. The numbers of levels of definable sub rentals is unlimited.
The administrator has access to reports regarding the traffic, the payments, top cars, number of cars daily, monthly, number of cars at each camera, peak hours etc.
The reports can be exported in PDF or XLS format.
The system calculates time between 2 consecutive detection for each number: e.g. time spent inside, time on track, last events in the last day, week, month.
Preserve tenants spaces: this option is to be used in parking lots when you want that parking spaces for the tenants to be always available for them and not for the other clients even if they are not occupied. Even if not all the spaces for the tenants are full, the software will not include them in the calculation for available spaces if this option is checked.
The system lets the user set special access lists: White list. The cars on this list can have a different statute: open barrier, free access, no charge.
Possibility of a Black list: when a plate on that list is detected, the system will send an alert – email, SMS, pop-up.
The system grants access in the parking based on a SMS which contains the license plate number. As a security feature, the number which sends the SMS must be on the white list for the phone numbers accepted, as in which can grant access to someone inside the parking. As a customized feature, this also could be integrated as a payment method.
Alarms features: Alerts by e-mail or SMS when an event occurs: a certain number is detected, or a car stays more than x hours in the parking.
Any number in the database can have special setting: for example the timetable in which can have access, the entrance where is free to enter etc.
A detection window can be set.
An ambient camera can be set along the LPR camera and the images from the two cameras are linked and both are saved in database. The user can have a larger image from the moment of detection or from a different angle, with the face of the driver etc.
The system can function continuously or at trigger: inductive loops, radar, sensors.
A time interval can be set for a client to exit without pay: e.g. 15 minutes, 2 hours etc.
Also, a time interval can be set for a client to exit after he paid.
Parking management with the interface from anywhere in the world and from any device (smartphone, computer, tablet) with internet access through the dedicated site.
Special privilege for vehicles or group of vehicles which can have access free of charge.
Search filter din database by number plate, location, date, camera, country, group.
Integration with external systems and databases.
Logs: Metrici saves information about the communication with external systems. In case of a malfunction, a log file can be accessed to fix the problem.
Metrici keeps track of all the changes of a user.


The administrator can define an unlimited number of tariffs,
for different vehicle categories.
Integration with cash registers.
Can issue a receipt.
Allows defining an expiration date for the receipts.
Free access for vehicles in white list, with automatic barrier opening.
Unlimited number of users, LPR cameras and cash registers.
Open barrier from live view: the event is logged in database.
Reports with payments by groups, category, total etc.
Reports and statistics by date, location, camera, payments etc.

Each LPR camera can be integrated with a weighing scale.
Automatic synchronization between main LPR camera for the tractor, trailer companion image, weigh value and other data.
Integration with cash registers.
Grants access at the barrier to the weighing stations for the cars in the whitelist, or for every vehicle.
Automatic weighing.
SMS integrations.
Mail and SMS alerts when a certain weight is reached or passed.
Automatically open barrier when the weight was recorded.
Commands traffic lights and LED displays.
Special color coded interface with the weighing events on course, waiting or finished.

Special designed interface for touchscreen devices.
Useful for law forces, companies or public administration who manage public/private parkings.
Integration with GPS: each detection has a localization stamp in database.
Integration and communication with external systems.
Alerts for the number plates in special lists.
Alerts for the illegal parking or for overpassing time.
Color coded list with the detections.
Integration with cash registers and prints for generating tickets.