Launch: External Event Receiver module and Version 3.5

Metrici launched version 3.5 of its software with new features, new characteristics in the interface, a new module and a new engine. This version of the software includes a more advanced neuronal network but also new settings in the interface.

The implementations were partly introduced following requests from our partners.

Metrici is also introducing External Events Receiver module in the interface, a setup to be integrated with cameras that have analytics included. The launch was introduced as requests from our clients, which have and are using different Metrici solutions. They appreciated the user-friendly Metrici Interface and wanted to have more events and data in the same place, but also other included in same interface.

The system also works with any other hardware or software that can command Metrici to take a screenshot of a videostream in case of an event.

What Metrici engine does is to take a photo witness from a videostream when it receives a command from an external unit. The data are sent to the Metrici interface and categorized according to the user set-up.

The events can be later accessed, organized, filtered and exported as usual.

As an example let's say a camera has a tampering analytics included, so when someone is trying to vandalise the camera, it can send a command to Metrici to record an event.

Same situation can be used for any alerts, queue, motion detection or any other in camera analysis.

So besides Metrici cappabilities of video analyzes and transforming into intelligent data, it can help to track and provide alerts for specific events. Also one can consult reports, graphics analysis.

In fact, sometimes it can be tough to monitor a large number of cameras, so Metrici it can gather data that can be accessed in a easy manner and only important events to be stored. Also, it can send alerts as usual when certain events occur and a user can define the conditions in Metrici interface when and where to send alerts or trigger alarms.

As usual, the alarm can be by mail, SMS, or an external hardware can be activated. Also, a user can set to receive periodically reports about the events or a list with them.

A user can set as many event types one wants which can be filtered by camera, location and for time intervals.

The Live View and Events Flow menu are also present in the interface and accessible at any given time.

As regarding version 3.5 of Metrici, this includes new algorithms and new trainings for all AI detection engines. Also in the interface, some new settings were added. Among them, bounding box reduction possibility for Parking Place Detector module. This helps reducing the false detections when vehicles are close to one another towards the edge of the frames and not only.

In the same time, a map of the location can be uploaded in the interface and one can define parking places or counting areas to have an instant and full visual report about the occupancy state of each one of them. Each time the status of a parking place changes, this can be visualized in the interface.