New Software: Line Counter Engine

Metrici is launching Line Counter, a new software module and detection engine, meant to track and count any object in a video stream.

Metrici Line Counter will join company’s actual software offer.

A user can "draw" any number of counting lines or "gates" in a video stream. Each line will allow counting for the selected objects as well as the direction of movement for each one of them.

The engine and data are useful in different scenarios: on street for vehicle traffic, on sidewalks for people traffic, on shopping centers for counting number of people in and out, point of interests inside etc.

Metrici Line Counter tells you how many objects transited an area in a certain time interval, while Metrici Area Counter tells you how many objects are in an area at a certain time and comparative to another moment in time and records event when that number changes.

The engine can also be used in different factories to count objects on a production line to see productivity or alarming an operator when jamming or in transportation industry to count objects in and out of trucks or on the distribution line..

Metrici can detect, count and keep track of movement for people, cars, boats or any other object.

The reports and statistics features provide useful information about the flow depending on the hour, time of day or on days of the week. You can also see the trend on a short or long run.

Alarms can be set to be activated when different scenarios occur: for example number of objects exceeded ..., more than x objects in a direction, uneven number of entrances, slow traffic etc.

The system used in traffic not only can count number of vehicles but also can distinguish between types of vehicles.

The solution can be used to calculate travel times and counts from people to vehicles, trains, ships, different objects.

As such, Metrici can also do a queue detection and ease physical distancing management where this is imposed to respect.

In fact, for public places – from airports to train stations, stores to restaurants, bars to stadiums – it remains a mandatory request to set up solutions that provide safe spaces. Metrici accurately measure people flow to properly manage a location's allowed capacity and also monitor distance between persons. One can see fill levels in shop or retail center or movement in an airport.


Metrici can count the inflow and outflow of visiting people in various locations to observe maximum capacity in real time. With another Metrici engines, such as Thermal Analyzer, you can know how many people and if are wearing masks, or measure their temperature.

As it is, outside of the box, Metrici can be implemented right away in any scenarios in airports, retail, transportation, commerce etc.

In combination with the other Metrici solutions, one can take advantage of the versatile platform and get parameters and insights never done before.

Hence the multiple choices for using the detection engines and the Metrici interface.


Every private business can benefit from traffic counting technology. Traffic counting provide significant insight into customer behavior, which will help you make well-informed decisions about business.

Another scenario for using Line Counter is the service industry, for example a shopping mall could use the Metrici solution to find what are the hot spots of their business or where are the places where the people gather the most. Also, a supermarket could use this as a tool for finding what which are the most visited stands or to open a new cash line when people are in a queue. One can also see how many people go in and out of which entrance during the day or how many take the stairs.

For retail, by knowing the exact number of people entering and leaving a store and the peak hours of visitor traffic, you can schedule your personnel efficiently to meet the customer demand. One can measure the conversions of each area of a store or a shopping centre and optimize it. With traffic analytics, you can now identify which areas attract more customers inside your store and adjust the layout and marketing campaigns accordingly to increase effectiveness and conversions.

Metrici can measure the entering and exiting patterns at the same time and report these numbers separately.


Traffic count data is a vital component of the transportation projects. As such, every administration also can take advantages an take measures if they know the traffic flow and values.

One can monitor the number of vehicles using a specific road and track any increases or decreases in traffic volume. This helps in what is needed for now or for the future in relation to road maintenance and design, repairs and development.

For each line, a user can set a number limit of objects that can cross and trigger alarms when this limit is reached. All data of detection and status changing are accessible in Metrici Interface, with the well known reports and statistics.

Loyal to the tradition, the settings in Metrici Interface are always very versatile and this engine and data can be interconnected with other Metrici detection engines and is accessible in the same Metrici Web Interface.

The solution may be a plus for securing airports, subway stations, factories, production units or any environment where counting and keeping track of objects is important.

Also can be used in city management, as a tool for changing traffic lights when more people are expecting to cross a road for example.

It may become a traffic management tool when determining how many cars are transiting a road. Combining traffic data, be it persons or vehicles, one can increase customer service during key selling periods, reduce costs and improve effectiveness of security .