Tenaris Silcotub

Tenaris Silcotub, is the leading Romanian producer of small diameter seamless steel pipes used in the mechanical industry, automotive, oil&gas, chemical and petrochemical industry, power industry. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Romania, in Zalau - seamless pipes manufacturing, with an annual production capacity of 180,000 tons of seamless pipes, and in Calarasi - steel making, with an annual production capacity of 470,000 tons of steel.

The factory in Zalau produces seamless tubes and pipes with outside diameters ranging from 8 to 146 mm in carbon and low alloy steel.

The steel shop facilities in Calarasi include an electric arc furnace, a ladle furnace and continuous casting equipment.

With a production average of 90 tons/hours, the facilities in Calarasi production data:

  • electric furnace - transformer power 100 MVA
  • ladle furnace - transformer 50 Mw/nominal capacity 100 tons / 90 tons liquid steel per heat
  • continuous casting machine - round bars Ø 148 - 260 mm; rectangular blooms 350x260 mm
  • production average - capacity 90 tons/hour

Dozens of trucks enter and exit the facility in Calarasi every day. The client needed to have an accurate database about what vehicles enter, what are carrying, what is their weight.
The client wanted a solution to automatically collect number plates pf trucks on the wighh system to the internal ERP (SAP) eliminating the possibility of fraud and for an exact inventory.
Two heavy weight industrial weighing machines were installed at the location. One for the entrance, the other for the exit. Each truck entering the production plant is weighed to determine the quantity of metallic waste to be melted and transformed in pipes.
Each of the weighing machines has 2 LPR cameras Mobotix M24-LPF. One of the camera will record the license plate for the trailer and the other will record the number plate of the tractor head, as it is known they can have different license plates.
Metrici LPR offered also low-pass filters for the cameras for a better IR detection. All 4 cameras were connected at a Metrici Towersys 110 server.

Calarasi facility technical data

  • 1 access point : gate
  • 2 industrial weight stations
  • 4 LPR Cameras
  • 4 low-pass filters
  • 1 server
  • 4 software licenses: 1 Metrici LPR BL license, 3 Metrici LPR EL licenses

Installed in 2013, the system proved to be perfect for the facility who keeps record of the quantities of materials entering the unit and the production capacity. Metrici LPR is checking trucks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no restrictions.
The software exports detected plates to the ERP, thus permitting a faster processing of financial documents, saving money and time.