Sanador Hospital Parking

Sanador Clinic Victoriei is a private hospital in downtown Bucharest made out of two buildings, 5 stories high each. This hospital covers any aspect of the medical act and offers all medical services.

The pediatric department has a separate entrance from the adults with special cabinets and its own reception.

Sanador shows in its vision and values statement that desires to be the first on the market of healthcare services in Romania and will achieve so by raising the standards of these services, by fulfilling the performance goals: quality, timeliness, reliability, flexibility, best price for the best services.

The values Sanador shares are teamwork, accurateness, creativity, innovation, flexibility, an improved quality of life.

The only way to become number one on any market, you have to work and ally with the very best who can help you. Metrici, as the best automatic number plate recognition solution on the market was the obvious choice.

Referring to these values, Metrici team offers accurateness of detection, permanent innovation of the product, flexibility in the features and for the client who can customize the product as he wishes.
Regarding the installation itself, as the hospital is in a very busy area, the administrator wanted to eliminate the possibility that people from nearby buildings to park inside hospital's parking. This is one of the reason the parking isn't free, even for clients, which have to pay their stay. Besides that, the client wanted to make sure it collects the correct amount of money. As usual, the human factor is often unreliable and the client had bad experience with collecting.
Two cameras were installed at the entrance in the basement parking. One detects cars entering the parking and records the event. At the exit, the system calculates time spent in the parking and what is the sum to be paid.

Sanador technical data

  • 2 Vivotek LPR cameras
  • 2 low- pass filters
  • 1 Metrici towersys 110
  • 1 barrier

Cost of the installation it was soon fully absorbed and the administrator quickly noticed that they had much more revenues using an automated system comparing to the human factor. In fact after the installation, the system worked so well that for over a year they haven't done any change or modification. It wasn't necessary any. After more than a year, Sanador team and the integrators from Bitland ( contacted Metrici for an update, as Metrici reached level 5.0.