Bucharest Politehnica University campus

Politehnica Bucharest has the biggest university campus in Romania and an impressive number of students: more than 25.000 students and 1400 teachers and it covers 15 faculties and 100 ha of field. Nowadays this huge campus also includes a conference hall, some residential buildings and many entrances and exits as it spreads out on such a large area.

Such a great surface to cover, managing so many students, teachers, buildings, events mean a lot of problems for the campus administration.

We should mention just a few of the problems the managers have to deal on everyday basis.

First of all the campus is between two heavy traffic streets of Bucharest: Bd. Iuliu Maniu and Splaiul Independentei. Taxi drivers and not only they will often use the campus as a shortcut, a "rat-run", between these main streets. And not just once it happened that people inside the campus were injured because of the high speed of vehicles when transiting. It is understood that this practice had to be stopped.

Also, the campus is surrounded by office buildings and residential buildings where the parking is very expensive. The neighbors would often use the campus as a free long time parking or just for the night, considering it was safe and secured. That was the case also with some students, teachers and guests.

In addition to these, in case of an event (sport, conference) inside the campus, there was a hard time to keep track of all the available spaces, to reserve spaces for guests, performers and to distinguish them from teachers or students.

We should not forget the campus also hosts a car dealer, numerous banks and some companies without mentioning the new development.

Metrici could offer the complete answer to all the above problems and not only that. In a first stage of the installation a onetime tariff was introduced for cars to enter the campus. Barriers and LPR cameras were installed at every entrance in the campus for everybody to get used with the plate recognition system and with the payment. Only the cars listed on the white list in Metrici interface were allowed to enter or exit the premises without payment. Everybody else had to pay.
The property rentals (banks, auto service) inside the campus will also have limited preserved parking spaces. Each tenant will personally manage their access list by modifying the license plates in database in accordance with their own vehicles and needs, but without having the possibility to surpass the number of allocated spaces.
Also, in case of events, or special guest, the administrator of the parking could easily introduce new plates on the white list.
A feature that is implemented is the access by SMS: the people with administration rights can send license plate numbers by SMS. These will be listed in the access lists, for a certain period of time.
The neighbors from neighboring residential buildings who will continue to park their cars overnight inside the campus will be fined.

Politehnica technical data

  • 6 Mobotix M25 LPR cameras - free flow detection
  • 6 Infrared reflectors
  • 6 companion cameras Mobotix M25
  • 6 barriers
  • 1 central server
  • 6 Metrici licenses (1 BL and 5 EL licenses)
  • Integration with external database for whitelist

With the help from Metrici, the campus administration can eliminate all the traffic and managing problems. No more shortcuts and speeding through the campus. Gone is also the problem with office buildings and neighbors using this space as a free parking. Access is totally automated and no more problems with people shouting to enter without access. The system is now to be implemented also in separate areas of the campus, at faculties which are somehow outside the main area.