Hermes Business Campus

Hermes Business Campus is one of the most advanced and modern office building in Bucharest. The office space was developed by Atenor to meet the expectations of the local economic environment and is now offering an office and retail complex of approx. 72,000 m2 (gradually in 3 buildings) ideal for meeting the local demand of national and international companies.

The project was awarded BREEAM 'Excellent' environmental certification, which represents the best rating in terms of sustainable development (sustainable construction, spatial flexibility and energy saving).

Hermes Business Campus is now home to 30 tenants, being anchored by renowned, international companies such as Genpact (global leader in business process operations), Luxoft (leading software outsourcing supplier), DB Schenker (european market leader in transportation), Idea Bank (financial services provider), or Lavalin (world leader in engineering and construction services), Xerox or Litera Publishing House as well as Embassy of Netherlands in Romania.
All these tenants and their guests needed a solution for parking to be fast, efficient, user friendly, with little interference and as discreet as it can be with the end-user, in this case the tenants.
The owner wanted security for its tenants, especially more as an embassy was on premises, as well as fast access for avoiding jams, especially when rush hours for the office hours.
The integrators from ROLF were chosen to implement the security measures along Metrici for the access. The entrance is secured at 4 access points monitored by 4 cameras.
The planning, location and the techniques were crucial in implementing the best features. In fact, the office building administration is using Metrici Interface in its full functionality and capability as it fits their needs perfectly. The tenants option was especially important for the building, In fact each entity that is renting spaces in Hermes Business Campus has allocated a number of parking spaces. The tenants can manage their own whitelists or blacklists, thus included the number plates they need according to the necessities. Also the administrator has the alarm settings for cars that do not belong to one of the tenants or for cars that prolong their stay inside the parking.

Hermes Business Campus technical data

  • 2000+ parking places
  • 30+ tenants
  • multiple access gates
  • 4 Axis P 1425 LPR cameras
  • 4 low pass filters
  • 4 Metrici LPR licenses
  • 1 Metrici server
  • 4 barriers
  • Gross dimensions: 78,212 sqm

The traffic flow in and out of the building occurs with no jams and no stops even at rush hours, when people are in hurry leaving the office or at the first hour in the morning when hundreds of cars are trying to enter the parking in a short time interval. Metrici brings a plus in security and access control is just a formality for software’s performances. As the tenants are recognized on the go, one doesn’t need to stop in front of a barrier as this opens up when detected.
The administrator has a special list for cars with access rights, or which are not allowed to enter. At any given moment he knows how many cars are inside, for how long they stayed and to whom a vehicle belongs to. Also how many free spaces he has left.

The tenants can also be assured of their safety. In addition, they could manage their own list of vehicles with permanent or temporary access, as it is the case with guests. This also could be done via SMS if the building administrator choses to offer this option too, available in Metrici interface.
The integration is especially of success at Hermes Business Campus given the circumstances on site: entrance in the underground parking is on the East-West orientation, a situation Metrici recommends to avoid in LPR, but this time it couldn’t be done. Nevertheless, the detection is close to perfection, with all the glare, reflections and blind spots not affecting the overall performances.
In fact, when talking about what tenants want in an office building, the must-haves of cost and location are followed in preferences by flexibility, functionality, and responsiveness.
Metrici proved it can provide all these as functionality and responsiveness are the main focus points. Flexibility is what differentiate the company. Besides that security is all included in every Metrici solution.
What a landlord must always keep in mind is that a good reputation may not help you, but a bad one will affect you. A good reputation is hard to build on, but Metrici will surely help you do it.
Keep in mind that when you get a client, you may only get one shot, and Metrici carries a lot of weight and can help you bring a bonus to the benefit of the client, when leasing an office building space.