Expo Market Doraly

Expo Market Doraly is a commercial complex located in Afumati, near Romanian capital Bucharest. It is situated on a 22 ha property, and has 57,000 square meters of building surface.

It is the largest and the most modern commercial park in Romania for wholesale commerce.

The complex has 3.000 free parking places both underground and at street level. There are a total of 26 different pavilions, with a variety of products: from office supplies to interior decorations, jewellery, electronics, clothes etc.

Over 850 companies manage their business inside the complex, on both sides of National Road 2.

The client had to record the number of clients who were daily visiting the complex. As it is an open space, with no barriers, there was a large area to cover and record all cars transiting the property. The integrators proposed Metrici LPR software for license plate detection and a solution with 8 Hikvision LPR cameras of 3 MP resolution to cover all entrances/exits.
Besides that, a Metrici Racksys 240 server was installed on location to serve the 8 cameras.
The client was basically interested in monitoring all exits and entrances. Also, the client wanted some personalized features from Metrici LPR so to use the software as a marketing tool, to better target multiple clients, determine the exact place to deliver ads and better develop the business.
In fact, the specific requests referred to customised reports, besides the default of Metrici LPR software. The client wanted a list with visitors organised by county and the frequency of their visits.

Doraly technical data

  • 8 Hikvision LPR cameras
  • 8 Metrici LPR licenses
  • 1 Metrici Racksys 240 server
  • 3000 parking places
  • 26 different buildings
  • Multiple entrances/exits
  • Customised features and reports

The client was satisfied to receive a software solution customised for its needs. These special features help them to better orientate their advertising in specific locations and counties depending on the frequency and number of clients visits from specific geographical locations.
Metrici LPR became a marketing tool for business development, proving once again that its use is not limited to just license plate detection and recognition.
Doraly's managers could see the flow of cars for each day of the week with comparison charts and data.