Coslo Zinca

The ferry crossing in Calarasi county is one of the few Danube crossing. With so little crossings over the river and heavy traffic in the area it is extremely important to have a fast, easy solution for the drivers. The ferryboat links Romania to the Bulgarian town of Silistra.

S.C. "Coslo Zinca" S.R.L. Calarasi is the company that operates 2 ferryboats that crosses the Danube at 375 km, with connections to Constanta and Silistra, Bulgaria. A crossing lasts for about 15 minutes. On one go, the ferry can carry 100 passengers, 50 cars and around 12 trucks.

The work in Calarasi was one of the most complex ones for Metrici LPR team regarding logistic and installation. The project was particularly hard as the implementation was supposed to take place without stopping the business and the traffic.
Without putting a stop to the car flow, the team had to install barriers and cameras. Initially, Metrici LPR was used for its database capabilities and the events were recorded, but the tickets were manually delivered. The integrators installed 2 Hikvision 2CS2T32 LPR cameras and another two Hikvision cameras for ambient images. Also they installed 2 barriers and 2 LAN controller to open them. In a second step Metrici LPR software was integrated with 3 Datecs cash registers.
The company that runs the ferryboats has 13 different prices for crossing the Danube, from simple passengers to big heavy trucks, depending on length and weight. The human factor involved in the process could easily make mistakes, involuntarily or for cheating. Due to the initial success of the Metrici LPR solution, Coslo Zinca company wanted a more personalized offer.
The clients use the Toll station module for the crossing. This lets the system deliver a ticket from Metrici LPR Web Intrerface, from both sides of Danube.
The tickets are valid during the crossing and are validated by the operator. When written and validated, the barrier will automatically open. The system has 13 one-time type tariffs, based on vehicle/s weight.

Coslo-Zinca technical data

  • 2 x Hikvision 2CS2T32 LPR cameras
  • 2 x Hikvision cameras for ambient images
  • 2 x LAN controllers
  • 2 x Barriers
  • 3 x Datecs cash registers
  • 1 x Metrici Towersys 110 server

Since eliminating the human factor in the equation, the income of the company tripled. In fact, after the clients saw the performance of the program, they wanted some customized software solution integrated in Metrici LPR. In fact, the Metrici LPR team created the toll station module especially for this project, but this option is now available for all Metrici LPR users. As it is an innovative company, Metrici LPR is constantly improving the offer for the software users