Cortina Residence

Cortina Residence is a residential project in northern part of Bucharest, one of the most desired locations for real estate development, luxury buildings, office buildings developments. It is located near the Herastrau Park and has easy access to the Bucharest-Ploiesti street, Bucharest Ring Road, Aurel Vlaicu international Airport. Also, this residential complex has easy access towards Bucharest down town. It is the most hi-tech and posh neighbourhood in the Capital.

The project has won first place at National Architecture Contest, 2016.

The total surface of the complex is 64,000 square meters, with 270 apartments and 426 parking places and it is one of the biggest residential project in Sector 1 of Bucharest.

As it is a luxury complex, the expectations of the owners were really high as they would not accept compromise solutions for their comfort and security.
With so many owners, many of them with more than one car per family, the developers needed a solution for a free flow traffic in the parking, without blockings and with a high security.
In fact, it is a common thing for people to forget their card access and they had real trouble in entering or leaving the parking.
The integrators proposed a solution with two LPR cameras at the barrier installed at the underground parking. They used 2 Axis P1425 LPR cameras, with two low-pass filters and a Metrici Microsys 30 server for database.
All the owners vehicles are introduced on a white list for instant access when the license plate is detected. As families often have more than one car, the system guarantees easy access. Also, the developer can always delete or add more license plates the white/ black list. In addition to the owners, special vehicles can be added to the list: delivery cars, garbage trucks, maintenance crew etc.
All the events are introduced in database. This is a security feature more than useful for the developers as it is responsible for the protection of the people inside the complex.

Cortina Residence technical data

  • 1 residential complex
  • 270 apartments
  • 426 parking places
  • 1 access gate
  • 2 LPR camera
  • 2 low pass filters
  • 2 Metrici LPR licenses
  • 1 server

After the implementation of the system , no more ques for the owners when entering or leaving the complex. No more worries for forgetting the key at the office or in another car. More security for the people living in the complex and the developer.
All the events are recorded, even for the cars with no license plate.