Colun ballast pit

The project in Colun is one of the most unusual for Metrici LPR team. As you will see it demonstrates how the software can be used in most unexpected ways for a better business performance.

The client was exploiting a ballast pit in Colun, Sibiu county. As it is the case with all the ballast pits, this is situated in a remote location, far away from the city, with a limited access and far from the control of the owner, 40 km from Sibiu.

The owner wanted a better control of his business and see how many trucks, cars or other vehicles are leaving the ballast pit. He wanted to eliminate all losses and thefts and see what these vehicles are transporting.

The integrators proposed initially one camera for license plate detection. Metrici LPR soon realised that the plate recognition was very hard to do as many trucks were missing the license plates or were dirty. Besides that, the access road is a dusty one and even a license plate was present, it could not be seen because of the dust. The problem was even bigger when was raining and the dust became mud who would completely cover the license plates.
Metrici LPR integrators suggested a more complex installation due to the peculiar features of this project.
2 Hikvision cameras were installed on the only access road. One was used for license plate detection and recognition, the other was a companion camera. As the problem with the dirty or missing numbers was still present, Metrici LPR team installed a IR sensor as trigger and a Barix Barionet to initiate the detection. As only one camera is used for detection, one single license was necessary at this location.
As the laser triggers detection, the event is saved in database regardless a license plate is present on truck or not. Also, a second image with a wider angle is saved for an ambient picture. Any movement in front of the laser generates an event and it is saved by Metrici LPR software in database.

Colun technical data

  • 1 access road
  • 2 Hikvision LPR cameras
  • 1 Metrici LPR BL license
  • 1 Metrici Microsys 30 server
  • 1 Barix Barionet 50 controller
  • 1 IR barrier

As a result after the installation, the client has records of all activity at the ballast pit. He could eliminate the thefts from his business. Also, the companion camera captures all events at the site and one can see what trucks are transporting. With online connection, the business owner doesn't need to be on location to monitor and survey his business. From anywhere in the world with internet connection he can see the activity at the Colun ballast pit.