A parking in Bucharest has in that space three activities : parking, car wash and tire service. The management wanted to know : how many cars were serviced in each of the activities, how much parking fees they should collect, the average time a car spends in washing and tire changing. Also the parking had different tariffs for parking with subscription, charge by the hour, day etc . The subscriber's tracking was done manually, in Excel. The time tracking for cars was also done manually (with pen and paper) leading to errors and conflicts with customers. Also this was subject to fraud.

The integrator deployed Metrici LPR on 4 cameras monitoring the access points to the parking, washing station and tire changing area. Besides accurate report, the system allows the employees to track precisely the time a car stayed in parking and charge the customer accordingly.

Citygo technical data

  • 4 Lpr cameras
  • 4 Metrici LPR licenses (1 Metrici BL license, 3 Metrici EL licenses)
  • 1 Metrici Towersys 110

The reports are sent periodically each day and the owner offers subscriptions to customers who have been discovered to use the parking lot frequently or one of the services inside the parking. The owner can have a database with regular clients. He can know at any given time how much time a car spent in car wash, for example. Or how long it takes for his employees to change tires for a car.
Also, the system adds a security feature and the space is reserved for clients only.

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