Cheveresu Mare

Cheveresu Mare is a rural village located on a heavy traffic route that connects Buzias to Timisoara, on the West side of Romania. The village has a population of around 2500 people, and the City Hall wanted to monitor the traffic to have an evidence of cars transiting the city.

Also, a video monitoring was seen as a solution to prevent crimes and to determine the drivers not to speed within city limits.

In fact one of the conditions imposed by the beneficiary was that license plate detection to be possible with speed up to 150 km/h.

Together with the integrators Metrici LPR proposed a solution for video monitoring the traffic using 2 Axis P1365 cameras for LPR. As these cameras do not have an integrated IR, the team also installed two separate IR reflector Axis T90B40.
The model were chosen due to their accuracy and image quality that could facilitate the detection at high speeds.
As this village is situated along the street, the integrators installed one camera at the exit to Timisoara, and the other at the exit to Buzias, to cover both lanes of traffic.
The database are centralized on a Metrici Towersys 110 server situated inside the City Hall.

Cheveresu Mare technical data

  • 2 lanes of traffic
  • 2 cameras Axis P1365
  • 2 infrared reflector Axis T90B40
  • 1 Metrici Towersys 110 server

From the moment of installation, the City Hall can monitor how many cars are transiting the village.
It can also determine the frequency of the most active cars.
Also, it could easily determine the average speed within city limits, thus establishing if it needs to implement some speed bumpers if it wants.
Based on these data, it can actually determine if it needs more implementations for a better flow of traffic: like traffic lights, roundabouts etc.