AutoTank Denmark

Wennstrom, the company that owns AutoTank Car Wash, represents Christ Wash Systems on the Danish market through Wennstrom Wash Systems A/S. The company offers a wide range of intelligent solutions from "The Real Car Wash Factory" for many different types of vehicles.
It has more automatic washing units across the Scandinavian countries.
The company can also supply necessary wash detergents and service throughout the lifespan of the wash system by competent, specialized, wash technicians.
Wennstrom was originally founded in 1917 in the small Swedish town of Kungsör as a manufacturer of couplings and valves.
It now supply products, services and maintenance for fuel distribution and refuelling sites in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
The Wennstrom group is established in Sweden (Malmö, Årsta, Kungsör, Göteborg, örnsköldsvik and SkellefteÅ), in Norway (Lier), Denmark (Herning and Solrød) and in Finland (Ylöjärvi) and has over 200 employees dedicated to serving the market with the best products, solutions and services available.

The pilot project of the Metrici LPR installation was in Denmark. Autotank is in fact an automatic car wash, where the clients pay for the wash, get their cars inside the washing unit and it will automatically be serviced after the pay at the shop terminal. The beneficiary wanted to have an alternative way of checking the good flow of the business, to make sure the cars for which the clients pay are indeed the cars that are washed, as the price is differentiated according to the class of the vehicle. Plus, it can record the time a car spends inside or if there are any problems.
The integrators used a camera for every lane of the washing units. The cars are recorded in database when they enter the unit.

After the installation, the beneficiary wanted to install Metrici LPR system at every other location of the business for a better control and management. The total automatic process of recording meant no more human error or no more fraud from clients. With the option live view, any business, any location, anywhere in the world can be monitored from a central station, live on the web, from any device with internet access. The most loyal clients can be rewarded by the company. Also, the beneficiary has a database with the most crowded days or hours, graphics with the high and low of visits and income for every location at every hour.

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